Religious communities

Working paper

6 Dec 2015

Abstract: One of the factors demonstrated by racial or religious segregation is people’s preference for residential homophily – the tendency of like-minded people to gather in the same places. In societies disposed to ethnic conflict, homophily serves the added purpose of safety in numbers. When...

Working paper

4 Dec 2015

Having spent the last five years studying the organization and aesthetics of citizen protest against oppressive power structures in the Middle East and Africa, we find ourselves in agreement with the description of the protests as “staged.” But the criticism of such staging reflects a...

Working paper

30 Oct 2015

This paper has two overarching concerns, namely, examining the performance of the national and state governments in advancing social and economic development of socio-religious communities in India; and identifying the institutions and policies necessary for the government to ensure the constitutional right of all Indian...


25 Jun 2015

AUSTRALIAN MUSLIMS: A BRIEF OVERVIEW: Contact between Muslim Indonesian fishermen from Southern Sulawesi and Indigenous people in northern Australia from around the 1750s is the earliest evidence of a Muslim connection in Australia. However, it was not until the 1860s with the arrival of...

Discussion paper

6 Mar 2009

Life for former Catholic Church nuns who leave their order is often a sorry story of poverty, mental and physical ill health, social isolation and emotional pain, according to this report, which examines the experiences of nuns after leaving religious life, and uncovers systemic issues...



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