Civil society


12 Apr 2019

Conventional, top-down and governance-focused anti-corruption efforts have had limited success in the fight against corruption in developing countries, argues this report. It considers how to develop and strengthen incentive-driven and high-impact anti-corruption initiatives.


20 Mar 2019

We’re doing better than many comparable countries, but that’s not enough, says Carmela Chivers.


21 Feb 2019

An alarming global trend has surfaced in which states are introducing and using laws to interfere with the right to freedom of association and to hamper the work of civil society organizations and individuals who participate in them. This report shows how this phenomenon is...

Policy report

19 Feb 2019

The principles of free market, liberal, democratic capitalism are under assault, argues Emeritus Professor Wolfgang Kasper in this essay.


14 Feb 2019

The Committee reports on its Inquiry into Australia's relationship with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


28 Nov 2018

Given today’s challenging geopolitical conditions and the evolving nature of the international climate regime since Paris, civil society must now once again recalibrate its strategies to ensure continued and increasing relevance.

Editor's note:

This is one of four background papers feeding into...


28 Nov 2018

Globally, actors other than nation states (such as cities, state and regional governments, businesses and civil society groups) are contributing to international governance, particularly in relation to climate change.


13 Nov 2018

This report presents findings from the first ever quantitative survey on kindness in communities and public services. The data reveals a reassuring and yet complex picture of kindness in the UK and Ireland, with generally high levels of kindness reported, but at the same time...


8 Nov 2018

The rise of harmful speech online is a threat to Canada’s democracy. This report outlines how governments and digital platform companies can better address hate and harassment, including the creation of a Moderation Standards Council.


2 Nov 2018

This report adds significantly to previous work by the Carnegie UK Trust and Joseph Rowntree Foundation that uncovered powerful examples of where kindness and everyday relationships can affect change and support the wellbeing of individuals and communities.


But digital divides persist
9 Oct 2018

According to this new Pew Research Center analysis, most sub-Saharan Africans feel positively about the role the internet plays in their country. Large majorities say the increasing use of the internet has had a good influence on education in their country, and half or more...


26 Jul 2018

This publication is an edited transcript featuring the remarks made by John Howard at the launch of The Centre for Independent Studies’ Culture, Prosperity and Civil Society Program on 10 July 2018.

Discussion paper

4 Jul 2018

To support the development of the second National Action Plan, the Australian Government is seeking input from a wide range of stakeholders, both through national roundtables and through the online consultation website. The purpose of this paper is to prompt discussion and raise issues for...


7 May 2018

The wave of civic space constraints – which is unlikely to recede soon – has been the focus of much study and discussion. This report examines how donor governments can effectively support civic space in this challenging environment.

Annual Report

12 Apr 2018

Australia is an important player in the international arena. And as a first world country, we have moral obligation to assist less fortunate nations and peoples, particularly during natural disasters. However, this cannot be done at the expense of undermining domestic aid needs, border security...


12 Dec 2017

This research found civil society organisations are feeling pressured to take a more cautious approach to advocacy, in order to sustain and protect their other functions and services.


1 Dec 2017

This report argues that there is need for reforms to ensure that the current definition of charities, which recognises advocacy as a part of an organisation’s charitable purpose, be protected and advanced.


8 Nov 2017

Understanding the true meaning of Australian history, and debunking the perennial claims routinely made about the role our supposedly perpetual history of ‘racism’ allegedly continues to play in Australian society, is increasingly in the national interest today.

Journal article

15 Jul 2017

The year 1994 was a particularly interesting one in Samoan politics.

Journal article

17 Mar 2017

This paper concludes that civil society organizations in Bangladesh are often politicized and co-opted by different political parties.



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