Health promotion


27 Mar 2019

This report examines the current state of the obesity epidemic in Australia, where 5.8 million people are living with obesity. It explores the health and economic costs and calls for greater national action.


21 Mar 2019

This report provides a comprehensive overview of national statistics on cancer. It presents information and statistics on cancer risk factors, national population screening programs, Medicare-subsidised surveillance and treatment, cancer incidence, hospitalisations, survival, prevalence and mortality.

Journal article

31 May 2018

Our work brings together theories and methodologies from public health and the learning sciences to develop a culturally relevant community-based intervention aimed at promoting healthy childhood development. We present our approach to personalising a community-based family intervention to prevent childhood obesity that aims to enhance...

Journal article

20 Dec 2017

This article reviews evidence regarding the influence of flexible work time on health behaviour and outcomes as relevant to Australia and New Zealand.

Case study

1 Nov 2017

Cross-cultural collaborations, or partnerships between Aboriginal and mainstream services, are regarded as particularly crucial in facilitating community engagement and breaking down barriers to service delivery.


8 Aug 2017

The report investigated the economic consequences of inadequate sleep, finding that inadequate sleep is highly prevalent in Australia, with an estimated 39.8% of Australian adults experiencing some form of inadequate sleep.

Journal article

20 Jun 2017

This journal article attempts to quantify the potential impact of an additional 20% tax on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) on productivity in Australia.


14 Jun 2017

This report looks at what Australia invests in preventive health measures and argues that governments must spend more wisely to contain the burgeoning healthcare budget.


3 Apr 2017

The Fruit, Vegetables and Diet Score report describes a sample of 145,975 Australian adults who have completed the CSIRO Healthy Diet Score online survey between May 2015 and October 2016. The CSIRO Healthy Diet Score is a scientifically-validated food survey designed to assess compliance with...

Journal article

28 Mar 2017

The National Empowerment Project (NEP) is an innovative Aboriginal-led community-based project. Since 2012, it has been working with communities in 11 sites across Australia to develop a culturally appropriate health promotion and primary prevention intervention strategy to reduce the high rates of psychological distress and...

Journal article

27 Mar 2017

Summary: In recent years, there has been increasing attention on parents who actively refuse to vaccinate their children. Successive federal governments have increased the amount of family assistance payments at stake for those who do not vaccinate, and removed most incentives for providers to...


16 Mar 2017

This Overview of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status provides information about: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations; the context of Indigenous health; various measures of population health status; selected health conditions; and health risk and protective factors.


15 Feb 2017

The survey has run nationally every year since 2011 in response to growing concern about principals’ occupational health, safety and wellbeing. Since the project began, approximately 50% of Australia’s 10,000 principals have taken part. Many have completed multiple surveys.

The aim of this research...

Literature review

30 Nov 2016

This Sax Institute Evidence Check review examined evidence of the effectiveness of using public libraries as settings for health promotion and health education programs.

Although very few such programs have been evaluated and reported in the literature, there is evidence that it is feasible...


24 Nov 2016

A digital platform from Victoria University, Australia’s Health Tracker by Area reveals that West Australians have low rates of high blood pressure (9.3%) while Tasmania’s blood pressure is soaring (12.1% have high blood pressure).

Australia’s Health Tracker by Area is developed by the Australian...


22 Nov 2016

Australia should introduce a tax on sugary drinks to recoup some of the costs of obesity to the community.

The best option is an excise tax of 40 cents per 100 grams of sugar, on all non-alcoholic, water-based drinks that contain added sugar....


13 Oct 2016

The National Eye Health Survey (NEHS) is the first national survey to determine the prevalence and major causes of vision impairment and blindness in Australia - prepared by the Centre for Eye Research Australia and Vision 2020 Australia.

The NEHS was conducted by investigators...

Journal article

30 Sep 2016

Health promotion in workplace settings has been prioritised to reduce chronic disease risk factors, both in Australia and internationally. This paper, published in Public Health Research & Practice, describes the design of a health risk assessment tool, the Brief Health Check (BHC).

The BHC...


29 Sep 2016

This report presents midpoint data for several tobacco indicators using various data sources and collections years. The majority of indicators show that favourable progress has been made, particularly for exposure to tobacco smoke, uptake of smoking, transition to established smoking and regular smoking among young...


16 Sep 2016

Healthy eating is essential for good health and wellbeing, and supports a healthy, productive workforce in New Zealand. With increasing rates of obesity and the subsequent rise of associated poor health outcomes, including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, it is important that organisations support...



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