Leadership in women


11 Oct 2019

The majority of girls want to take charge of their future and tackle the biggest issues facing them and all of us collectively, but sometimes lack confidence to step up. This research shows that young women and girls – if educated, supported and inspired by...


Tracking progress on gender equality
3 Jul 2019

The Gender Equality Monitor brings together a suite of indicators in a single place to monitor gender equality in the UK across five key areas.


11 Mar 2019

The women in politics 2019 map depicts global rankings for women in the executive and parliamentary branches of government as of 1 January 2019. The map shows progress towards gender equality in these areas at regional and national levels.


A report prepared for Innovate UK by LSE Consulting
4 Feb 2019

This report reviews global efforts to drive diversity and inclusion in business innovation, examining Estonia, Finland, France, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, the UK and the USA.

Briefing paper

19 Nov 2018

T​here appears to be a growing consensus across the political spectrum that the underrepresentation of women in Parliament needs to be addressed to ensure the ongoing legitimacy of the Australian political system.

This Briefing Paper provides an analysis of the current situation for women...

Working paper

1 Aug 2018

The concept of Temporary Special Measures (TSM) was introduced in the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women came into force in 1979. Besides Samoa the rest of the Pacific countries have been slow to adopt TSM, which may...


3 Jul 2018

Senior leaders in business, government, education and community are calling on all employers to continue to improve the representation of women in leadership, address resistance and be prepared to engage with the range of responses to gender equality initiatives.


6 Mar 2018

This report identifies six leadership competencies critical to successfully developing business opportunities in line with the Global Goals. Research highlighted in the report underscores that women in business can play a critical role in deploying these six competencies within more gender-balanced leadership teams.


8 Feb 2018

Recent policy and academic writing on women in the Pacific has focused on the barriers women in the region experience when seeking to participate in formal politics. This paper contributes to the small body of work that seeks to explain how some women defy these...


8 Nov 2017

Over recent years, there has been growing concern about the under-representation of women in leadership across industry.

Organisations are deploying a range of strategies to address the known issues affecting women’s advancement, such as the challenge of balancing of work and family, biases, and...


13 Oct 2017

This report showed more than half of young women (56%) thought female politicians were treated unfairly by their male colleagues. One in three young men surveyed also agreed this was the case.

Audio interview

28 Sep 2017

Lisa Paul AO PSM, previously secretary of federal government departments responsible for education and employment, shares her approach to the challenges of leadership, its loneliness and rewards.


22 Aug 2017

This report argues that political parties and institutions must seize the recent increase in voter turnout among young women to dramatically increase the numbers of women going into local politics in the United Kingdom.

Blog post

5 Jul 2017

How can programs supporting young women’s leadership make a tangible difference in the day-to-day lives of young women?


15 Jun 2017

This paper describes participatory action research carried out in partnership with eight grassroots Indonesian women’s NGOs.


4 Apr 2017

This speech by Defence Minister the Hon. Marise Payne to ANU was held at the Women and National Security Conference and discusses 'women, peace and security'. The speech covers the following topics: 1. Participation of women at all levels of decision-making, in peace operations and...


15 Mar 2017

This report shows that universities, individually and collectively, are taking action to increase women’s leadership in senior roles.


Informing the Pacific women shaping Pacific development roadmap 2017–2022
1 Mar 2017

Pacific Women has developed a Roadmap to guide its future investments at the regional and multi-country level. The overarching Roadmap is based on three Synthesis Reports, which delved deeper into Pacific Women’s first three intended outcomes: i) leadership and decision making, ii) women’s economic empowerment,...


27 Feb 2017

This is the sixth in a series of landmark gender parity surveys in Australia. This report highlights the gap in promotion rates between men and women in Australian workplaces.


15 Dec 2016

Each year through this publication CEDA delivers for members a reflection on the most influential and interesting speeches on the CEDA stage.

With a Federal Election here in Australia, and unexpected international events, from the Brexit result to the election of Donald Trump as...



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