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1 Feb 2018

The Australian government has an ambitious agenda to transform its digital service delivery. Cloud offers reusable digital platforms at a lower cost, and shifts service delivery to a faster, more reliable digital channel. Cloud services have the opportunity to make government more responsive, convenient, available...


1 Nov 2017

Telstra has partnered with the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA) to conduct the latest round of quantitative research of the Australian public to garner further, refreshed evidence in relation to the role of technology in government service delivery.


5 Jul 2017

New Zealand’s Lab+ experiment has been testing the concept of what integrated services could look like into the future. The team’s Australian lead, Pia Waugh, explores three models of user-centric services that came out of the research.


15 Dec 2016

This document is a summary of ‘civil society’ engagement undertaken between 15 July and 30 August 2016 for the development of New Zealand’s second National Action Plan (NAP) for the Open Government Partnership (OGP). For the purposes of this project civil society was defined as...

Audio podcast

8 Nov 2016

In this podcast, Helen Owens, the principal advisor on public data policy and strategy at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, talks about the Open Government Partnership - enhancing transparency in policy decision making.


31 Oct 2016

The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria Inc. (ECCV) is the voice of multicultural Victoria and the peak policy advocacy body for eight regional ethnic community councils and up to 220 members including ethnic and multicultural organisations across Victoria since 1974. For over 40 years, we...

Audio interview

29 Sep 2016

The Federal Health Department has removed a previously public set of data from the internet, after researchers discovered they could identify medical information.

The researchers found that information systems experts could break the anonymity of the Medicare Benefits Schedule and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme datasets....


20 Jul 2016

These are the official New Zealand Government guidelines to provide clarity on how government agencies can make their software open source.

Government agencies invest significantly in software development and often own the copyright in the software that they develop or that is developed for...


9 Mar 2016


Information and communications technology (ICT) is a significant enabler in the delivery of government programs and services. With government’s increasing reliance on ICT to deliver services and manage information, it is of critical importance that ICT projects are successfully implemented. However, VAGO’s...


31 Oct 2015

The Digital Continuity 2020 policy plays a key role in supporting the Australian Government's digital transformation initiatives and driving e-government. Agencies that understand and fully realise the benefits of their assets – information, technology, people and processes – will deliver better and more efficient services...


27 Oct 2015


Deloitte surveyed more than 1,200 government officials from over 70 countries, including 200 from Australia, to gain insight to the policies and practices affecting their “digital maturity”.

The survey revealed that governments across the world are at different stages in the...

Journal article

26 Jun 2015

The World Wide Web has provided unprecedented access to information; as humans and machines increasingly interact with it they provide more and more data. The challenge is how to analyse and interpret this data within the context that it was created, and to present it...

Discussion paper

10 Jun 2015

This audit examined strategies for delivering services online via digital devices.


Phase one of this audit specifically reviewed the Victorian Government ICT Governance Framework and the delivery of the Victorian Government Digital Strategy (Digital Strategy).

We found that a coordinated and...


26 Nov 2014

Executive summary

Digital Government strategies are being rolled out in many Australian and international jurisdictions, ushering in a fundamentally different approach to the design and delivery of public sector services. Digital Government makes digital services (usually delivered through internet and mobile channels) the...


15 Sep 2014

CUE is the quarterly magazine from Victoria University of Wellington's School of Government.


Welcome to CUE 7. This issue is dedicated to the theme of ‘Revitalising Democracy’ and highlights just a few of the ways in which the School of Government...

Conference paper

23 Oct 2013

This paper examines digital engagement through local e-government. Drawing from a local government case study, it suggests that limitations to online civic involvement are often the result of insufficient government reception of, and responses to, citizens’ views. Interviews with local representatives illustrate inadequate digital education...


8 Aug 2013

This book explores the ways in which governments are putting citizens first in their policy-making endeavours. Making citizens the focus of policy interventions and involving them in the delivery and design is for many governments a normative ideal; it is a worthy objective and sounds...


22 Feb 2013

Accessible information is the lifeblood of a robust democracy and a productive economy. As part of a worldwide movement, the Australian Government is fundamentally changing the way that information is valued, managed, used and shared with others.

The concept that best captures this trend,...


13 Nov 2012

The size of the prize from bringing transactional services offered by central government online is considerable. On the basis of historic data looking at the savings already achieved by existing digital services over offline alternatives, this report estimates that between £1.7 billion and £1.8 billion...


22 Oct 2012

The report talks about eGovernment changes being made in the American state of Utah. The key to this improved service is eGovernment - the process of delivering information and processing government transactions digitally through web, phone, mobile, and point-of-purchase channels. The way government operates is...



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