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13 Dec 2018

In late 2017, an expert panel was established to examine whether Australian law adequately protects the human right to freedom of religion. This report was delivered to the Australian government in May 2018 and has now finally been released.


26 Nov 2018

The recent public debate on the matters being considered in this inquiry has been prompted, in the most immediate sense, by the disclosure of certain recommendations in a review on religious freedom commissioned by the federal government.


What a supply-side analysis of religion might reveal about the place of religion in Australia
12 Jun 2018

Religion is not dead, and non-belief is not the new normal. Affirmation of religion’s significance through a supply-side analysis can, in turn, serve to strengthen contemporary calls for more adequate protections for religious liberty, which have come under threat in Australia in recent times.


6 Feb 2018

The current demonstrations in Iran could prove to be a watershed in the Islamic Revolution. The theocrats have been shocked by the demands from the demonstrators calling for their removal. Given the deep currents of dislike for the theocracy among many ordinary Iranians, it is...

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23 Aug 2017

Is Pauline Hanson's latest stunt, wearing a burqa into parliament, the start of a serious debate?

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22 Jun 2017

The destruction of Mosul's Al Nuri mosque is another reminder that Islamic State's main victims have been Muslims.


11 May 2016

The National School Chaplaincy Programme provides funding to government schools to appoint religious chaplains. This funding cannot be accessed to appoint non-religious student support staff. This is discriminatory against students of other faiths or beliefs, and runs counter to the founding principles of the Australian...


12 Feb 2016


God appears to be resurgent in 21st century societies around the world. As our awareness of the claims made by religion becomes more acute, it is ever more important to understand those claims as well as the challenges and contributions religious belief...

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1 Dec 2015

The relationship between religion and the state in Muslim countries has become a much debated and discussed issue among scholars of Islam and Muslim societies. A commonly stated view of many Western and Muslim scholars and Islamic activists is that Islam is not only a...


14 Oct 2015

Professor Riaz Hassan writes how the relative deprivation of Indian Muslims will create social and political conditions that may undermine India's political stability.

Journal article

23 Sep 2015

Abstract: Since 1957, Malaysian public life has been organized around a historic conflation of three important political themes: “race, religion and royalty”, or “3R”, all of which are purportedly championed and defended by the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO). This article explores how this...

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2 Sep 2015

Recently, I presented a paper, ‘Religious Communities in Societies: Muslim Women’s Position’, at the XXI World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions in Erfurt, Germany, 23–29 August 2015. The congress was held at the University of Erfurt.

About 1400 people...



17 Jun 2009

THOSE WHO SENSED that religion had become a bigger part of Australian politics in the early twenty-first century were quite right. Kevin Rudd’s musings on Bonhoffer’s legacy, the government-funded (Catholic) World Youth Day, the Exclusive Brethren’s anti-Greens campaigning and many other policy debates and political...


23 Sep 2004

Family First epitomises an international trend of ambiguously religious politics, according to Marion Maddox.



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