Older people--Health and hygiene

Working paper

19 Apr 2018

This paper integrates the evidence relating to attraction, retention and skill shortages in the aged care workforce, and provides recommendations of the steps the sector could take to achieve a skilled and sustainable workforce which is able meet the care needs of older Australians both...

Journal article

21 Sep 2017

This paper presents a review of the literature about the built environment as it impacts the health of older people. It introduces a framework for engaging older people as citizen scientists in order to empower them as agents of change in their local area.

Conference paper

22 Nov 2016

Purpose / Context - The aim of this study is to clarify an estimation method of humidification for infection control in residences. In Japan indoor humidity is very low in winter especially in recent insulated houses without unvented stoves. Dwellers know that it is necessary...

Conference paper

22 Nov 2016

Purpose / Context

Public facilities such as homes for aged individuals and schools are considered at an increased risk for the spread of infections. To our knowledge, there has been no research on the relationship between the microbiome and human activity at such places....


10 Jun 2016

Reviews the causes, diagnosis and management of hearing loss as it applies to elderly patients. The review describes a useful approach that clinicians can apply to daily practice.

Background Hearing loss is the most common sensory deficit in elderly patients, and is often...


3 Feb 2016

Although population ageing is overwhelmingly a good thing, representing a healthier population overall and a longer more productive lifespan for most, it also means an increase in elder abuse. There is little public awareness of the extent and nature of elder abuse. Consequently, it is...

Discussion paper

1 Dec 2015

Housing forms a large part of the Australian economy and is an integral part of people’s wellbeing. In addition to serving a basic human need for physical shelter, contributing to physical and psychological health and emotional security, it is a key determinant of people’s wealth...


30 Sep 2015

At a time of unpredictable challenges for health, whether from a changing climate, emerging infectious diseases, or the next microbe that develops drug resistance, one trend is certain: the ageing of populations is rapidly accelerating worldwide. For the first time in history, most people can...


10 Aug 2015

The insights in this document were produced as part of a project to design a social marketing programme that would support people with long term conditions to positively manage their health. The project was led by innovate change for Counties Manukau Health and East Health...

Journal article

12 Apr 2012

This research explores the initiation and progression of new late-life romantic relationships among older Australians (60 years plus). Our research found that older adult romantic relationships were meaningful, important and sexually intimate. However, few led to cohabitation or marriage, with these older adults preferring to...


31 May 2008

The Transition Care Program provided additional treatment and care options following hospitalisation for patients and their families. When compared with similar groups of frail older people discharged from hospital during the same time period, those who received Transition Care had fewer re-admissions to hospital and...


24 Aug 2007

The proportion of the population aged over 65 is projected to increase from 13% in 2004 to 20% by 2024. As hospital use increases with age (after the age of 50), this ageing of the Australian population can be expected to affect both the demand...


10 Mar 2004

The Australian government's National Influenza Vaccine Program for Older Australians funds free vaccine for Australians aged 65 years and older. Conducted in October 2003, almost 8000 Australians aged 40 years and older participated in the 2003 survey and were asked about their recent medical and...


12 Feb 2004

This bulletin examines levels and trends in the prevalence of obesity in the context of an ageing populations and the likely health and economic consequences. The focus is confined to obesity rather than lesser degrees of overweight because obesity has significant health consequences at all...



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