Diet--Health aspects


Phase 1 report: focus groups
12 Apr 2019

This qualitative research provides insight into consumers’ awareness of, and views around, energy (kilojoules/calories) labelling on alcoholic beverages.


Phase 2 report: randomised trial
12 Apr 2019

This research by the National Institute of Health Innovation (NIHI), University of Auckland measures the impact of energy labelling on alcoholic beverages, on consumer purchase or consumption behaviour in a New Zealand population.

Journal article

3 Apr 2019

This study provides a picture of the potential impact of suboptimal diet on non-communicable diseases mortality and morbidity, highlighting the need for improving diet across nations. The findings can inform implementation of evidence-based dietary interventions and provide a platform for evaluation of their impact on...


2 Apr 2019

Unhealthy diets and obesity are leading contributors to poor health in Australia. This report argues that addressing obesity and improving population diets requires a comprehensive government response at Commonwealth and State and Territory levels.

Journal article

29 Jan 2019

A substantial portion of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE) has been attributed to the food sector, but little is known about the association between the carbon footprint of individual self-selected diets in the United States and nutritional quality.

The aims of this study were to...


26 Oct 2018

The purpose of this report is to investigate the adequacy of the Australian diet across various life stages to help inform the evidence-base in relation to nutrition-related health determinants for chronic conditions.

Draft report

24 Sep 2018

This document is intended to provide advice to the market about key elements of the design of the Nauru Health System Support Project (NHSSP). A more comprehensive design will be provided to those organisations successful at the Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) stage and...


NCOSS cost of living report
18 Sep 2018

For the past three years, NCOSS has travelled around NSW, speaking to members about the issues that are important to them and their communities. Cost of living has come up as one of the key challenges, particularly in the context of its impact on healthy...

Journal article

23 Jul 2018

This article argues that the measure of food insecurity employed in national surveys in Australia may underestimate its prevalence and public health significance.


7 Jun 2018

The evaluation summaries in this collection are part of a project which aims to build the business case for the economic and health costs and benefits of implementing healthy food and drink policies in healthcare settings.


24 May 2018

New Zealand Food Safety has today published the results for the 2016 New Zealand Total Diet Study (TDS), which shows the food New Zealanders eat has a high level of safety in regard to chemical hazards which might be present in the food supply.


15 Apr 2018

Although the problem of hunger is largely unnoticed in Australian society, more than one in five children (22%) live in a food insecure household.

Journal article

11 Apr 2018

This research found that citizens’ juries can play an important role in providing feedback and policy recommendations in response to the findings of a health impact assessment of transnational corporations.


26 Feb 2018

The VicHealth healthy eating strategy 2017–2019 is part of VicHealth’s organisational goal to have one million more Victorians with better health and wellbeing, including 200,000 more Victorians adopting a healthier diet by 2023.

Journal article

26 Feb 2018

The purpose of this review is to provide a comprehensive synthesis of key information on diet and nutrition among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.


A report for the Ministry of Health (NZ)
30 Jan 2018

This report provides an assessment of the evidence for sugar taxes as a fiscal instrument to improve health. Forty-seven peer-reviewed studies and working papers published in the last five years were reviewed, summarised and assessed for key methodological issues.

Policy report

22 Jan 2018

Does a case exist for a sugar tax? That is the question this report seeks to answer by reviewing the evidence of previous studies. It asks if a sugar tax, in reality a soda tax, will accomplish what it sets out to achieve - making...

Literature review

30 Sep 2017

How can you moderate dietary fat intake to protect against cardiovascular disease? This review examined the evidence for the association between dietary fat consumption and cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Journal article

8 Aug 2017

Fiscal‐food policies use taxes to alter relative food prices so as to change diets and are suggested for reducing non‐communicable diseases in the Pacific. Price elasticity estimates used by advocates of fiscal‐food policies are often biased and may make policy makers too optimistic about small...



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