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Position paper

10 May 2019

This statement outlines the reasons behind the urgent need for the development of a strategic approach to Australia’s open scholarship environment to benefit researchers, research funders, and end users, including industry and the community.

Position paper

10 May 2019

The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia calls on the next government of Australia to redouble its commitment to support the social science research which underpins policy development and the connection of research with policymakers.


1 May 2019

Labor’s policy wouldn’t only give universities a funding boost, it would help universities adapt to and plan for future needs, writes Andrew Norton.


25 Mar 2019

To mark ten years since the introduction of a demand driven funding system for university places, the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) group has released new analysis of the key achievements of the system. The report illustrates five key achievements of the demand driven system and...


1 Feb 2019

This report into Australia's tertiary education system identifies the formidable challenges that need to be addressed to deliver better outcomes for the country. It makes recommendations that may add greater coherence to the policy framework which controls all post-secondary education in Australia.


28 Dec 2018

Tensions between the government and the university sector ran high in 2018, with the government cutting funding to student places and research and a big push back from universities.

Discussion paper

12 Nov 2018

This consultation paper sets out options for a new mechanism for the federal government's allocation of enabling, sub-bachelor and postgraduate courses, and is seeking stakeholder feedback on which courses should be funded and why.


1 Aug 2018

With a range of new technologies bearing down upon us, huge shifts in the global order under way, longer lives – and potentially longer working lives – it is vital that Australia has a flexible, adaptable tertiary education and training system which gives us the...


14 Jun 2018

Universities struck by a federal government funding freeze will be forced to go without up to 15% of their base funding.


An essay on higher education by Professor Sharon Bell
14 Sep 2017

With higher education in the spotlight and legislation before the federal parliament, the Whitlam Institute has released this paper, which offers a bold and personal account of how universities have ‘fallen from grace.’

Audio interview

29 Aug 2017

New Zealand's Labour Party has unveiled its biggest promise of the election campaign, promising to make tertiary education free for the first three years of study.


1 Aug 2017

This paper is a reference tool for those needing to locate specific changes quickly and place them in their chronological context, rather than a definitive history of income support for student in Australia.

Conference paper

Paper presented at the New Zealand Association of Economists Annual Conference, Wellington, 12-14 July 2017
31 Jul 2017

Examines how the research capability of staff within New Zealand universities has evolved since 2003.


20 Jun 2017

This report analyses the results of the financial statement audits of the ten NSW universities and their controlled entities for the year ended 31 December 2016.


17 Jan 2017

Government investment in first class research infrastructure is vital to the long-term sustainability of Australia’s research program, driving innovation, economic productivity and social benefits for the nation. National research facilities are built and maintained for the public good. As such there is a fundamental role...


16 Dec 2016

The Government welcomes the Higher Education Standards Panel’s Report on how the admissions policies and processes of higher education providers can be made clearer, easier to access and more useful, to inform the choices and decisions of prospective students and their families.

Over recent...


4 Dec 2016

A 15 per cent loan fee on all new tertiary education lending could save the Commonwealth $700 million a year and make the Higher Education Loan Program more affordable for government. The fee would help to offset the government’s interest costs, while being fair to...

Policy report

1 Nov 2016

This Policy Statement sets out how to ensure regional research systems are sufficiently robust to enable valuable research to be conducted throughout Australia.


29 Sep 2016

The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to carry out an inquiry into “new models of tertiary education” in New Zealand. The inquiry takes a whole-of-system perspective, considering how trends – especially in technology, tuition costs, skill demand, demography and internationalisation – may drive changes...

Journal article

23 Sep 2016

This special edition of the 'Policy Studies' journal examines performance measurement in social and public policy and public services. Taking a policy instrument perspective the papers in the edition, the articles examine the postitive and negative effects of performance measurement, and what works.



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