Wildlife conservation


3 Apr 2019

This interim report is focussed on the effectiveness of the EPBC Act as a legislative framework for managing the Australian environment, rather than its implementation. The committee recognises that evidence canvassed serious shortcomings with the implementation of the Act and other related areas, such as...


Mahere Whakaora Kiwi 2018–2028
17 Dec 2018

This plan signals an exciting new phase in kiwi conservation, with a focus on protecting kiwi populations in the wild and increasing the populations of all eight kiwi species.


11 Oct 2018

Combating illegal wildelife trade and further pursuing conservation-development models could help generate considerable economic benefits for African countries, while ensuring the long-term preservation of Africa’s wealth of natural capital.


19 Sep 2018

The illegal wildlife trade is having a devastating impact on natural environments globally. This global trade has resulted in elephant and rhino species experiencing a drastic decline in their population numbers, and in the case of the northern white rhino, a complete decimation of that...


25 Oct 2017

Environmental law in Australia has not only been expanding but also becoming more centralised. This paper emphasises one aspect of environmental law - the listing and protection of threatened species - and analyses potential reform directions.


9 Oct 2017

The report comprises seven chapters on key topics related to the conservation and current management of Leadbeater’s Possum and the forest habitats on which the species depends.


8 Jun 2017

This is a national plan which aims to aid in the recovery of six of the world’s seven species of marine turtles. The plan considers the conservation requirements of the species across their range and identifies the actions to be taken to ensure the species...


31 May 2017

Examines the state of New Zealand’s native birds and what it might take to restore them in large numbers to the mainland


7 Feb 2017


The objective of the audit was to assess the extent to which the Department of the Environment and Energy has implemented the recommendations from ANAO Report No. 43 2013–14 and strengthened its framework for the delivery of its regulatory activities. To form...


24 May 2016

The trafficking of wildlife is increasingly recognised as both a specialised area of organized crime and a significant threat to many plant and animal species. In response to this growing awareness, UNODC has been mandated to build a Global Programme on Wildlife and Forest Crime,...

Journal article

29 Feb 2016

Public and stakeholder involvement in nature conservation through conservation boards has been a distinctive feature of New Zealand’s statutory framework for conservation, put in place in 1987. Since their inception, effective boards established for the purpose of ensuring that conservation stakeholders’ voices inform conservation planning...


22 Oct 2015

ClimateWatch was developed by Earthwatch with the Bureau of Meteorology and The University of Melbourne to understand how changes in temperature and rainfall are affecting the seasonal behaviour of Australia's plants and animals. The first continental phenology project in the Southern Hemisphere, ClimateWatch enables...


16 Oct 2015

WildLab is the Wildlife Biology Lab at Western Sydney University. We are based at Hawkesbury (Richmond) and we research and consult on Australian Native & Pest Animal ecology & management.

WildLab is headed by Dr Ricky Spencer, who is a Senior Lecturer of Zoology,...


12 Oct 2015

Australians are invited to count birds in their backyard from 19 – 25 October 2015 and to submit their findings via an app to contribute to the overall picture of bird life in Australia.


15 Sep 2015

Takes a deep look at the health of our oceans and the impact of human activity on marine life.


Our ocean – that seemingly infinitely bountiful, ever awe-inspiring blue that defines our planet from space – is in crisis. When I...


15 Jul 2015

A unique collaboration and innovative analysis assessing the State of Australia’s birds, this Headline report introduces Australia’s ground breaking longitudinal study to track trends in terrestrial bird population over 15 years – the Terrestrial Bird Index.

A first for the southern hemisphere, the Terrestrial...

Audio interview

10 Apr 2015

The loss of endangered species and poorly protected regional ecosystems is a national crisis, but it's not time to adopt what's been called 'triage' - giving up on some species while trying to pick conservation 'winners' with others.

That's the view of Dr Jim...

Briefing paper

23 Mar 2015

Blue whale populations were devastated in the last century by commercial whaling, which reduced blue whales from a quarter of a million to just a few hundred animals. Australian waters are home to both the Antarctic blue whale and a smaller sub- species, the pygmy...


20 Mar 2015

Science is vital to our conservation management. Our ecologists work hand-in-hand with land managers to plan and deliver effective conservation management for Australia’s species. We use science to inform, monitor and adapt our conservation strategies and actions, as well as to advance solutions to key...


4 Dec 2014

Presents an overview of scientific evidence on the effectiveness of TNR programs, including field studies, literature reviews and mathematical modelling.

It is difficult to conceive of cats as constituting a problem. They are, after all, wonderful companions for an estimated 23% of Australian households....



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