Police power

Briefing paper

15 Feb 2019

This Bill Brief looks primarily at law reforms concerning a new class of procedure known as a ‘DNA profile sample’, which seeks to grant police the ability to authorise the taking of DNA samples from persons suspected of committing indictable offences.


24 Jan 2019

The focus of performance reporting in this chapter is on police services, covering the operations of the police agencies of each State and Territory government, including the ACT community policing function performed by the Australian Federal Police.


14 Dec 2018

There are a number of legislative, technical and cultural barriers that limit the free flow of information between Australia's law enforcement agencies. This report examines those barriers and develops an information sharing matrix that explains the barriers associated with different types of information sharing.


21 Nov 2018

Findings contained in this research report indicate that police can influence the likelihood of further violence, victim satisfaction and wellbeing, and criminal justice outcomes for people involved in domestic violence cases.


10 Sep 2018

Digital Rights Watch collaborated with Australian Privacy Foundation, Electronic Frontiers Australia, Future Wise, The Queensland Council for Civil Liberties, The New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties, Access Now and Blueprint for Free Speech to produce this joint submission.


4 Sep 2018

This report explores the debate over how to strike an appropriate balance between police responsibility for managing the conduct of their members and an external agency’s oversight and investigation of complaints about police.


22 Jun 2018

This report identifies areas for improvement in Victoria Police’s internal investigations of serious complaints concerning allegations, such as corruption and assault made about its officers.

Discussion paper

11 May 2018

The New Zealand government is considering introducing an amendment to the Policing Act 2008 that would establish a legislative framework for the Police Vetting Service (currently there is none). No decisions have yet been made about legislation for vetting services provided by police. New Zealand...


Review of the operation, effectiveness and implications of Division 3 of Part III of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979
10 May 2018

This review focused upon whether there is a need for an ASIO questioning power in the current security context, and the interaction of ASIO’s questioning and detention powers with other counter-terrorism powers that have more recently been introduced.


27 Mar 2018

To determine how effectively Victoria Police oversights serious incidents involving its officers, IBAC audited more than 140 oversight files closed by Victoria Police during the 2015/16 financial year. The audit identified that there are aspects of Victoria Police’s oversight process that are concerning and which...


30 Jan 2018

This report is the product of a unique joint review of the Search and Surveillance Act 2012 (the Act) conducted by the Law Commission and the Ministry of Justice.


5 Dec 2017

This research reveals that almost half of Victoria Police employees who responded to a survey say they fear that reporting internal corruption will result in personal repercussions, with 18% fearing losing their job if they report police corruption.


A report of the Youth Justice Coalition NSW
25 Oct 2017

This research found that young people on the Suspect Targeting Management Plan (SMTP) experience inappropriate forms of over-policing, disproportionate to the future risks they are alleged to pose to society.


23 Oct 2017

In this study, adult police detainees were interviewed about their views and experiences of CCTV through an addendum to the Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA) program.


23 Oct 2017

Police use a variety of techniques in their investigation of serious violent crimes, such as homicide, robbery, assault and sexual assault. This paper systematically reviews experimental and quasi-experimental research on the effectiveness of these investigative techniques.

Briefing paper

25 Sep 2017

This study examines the characteristics that impact on a young person receiving a caution as opposed to a charge from police and the impact this has on reoffending within a twelve month follow up period.


21 Sep 2017

This report contains sixteen recommendations to improve the effectiveness of Victoria’s key legislation and related powers and procedures to prevent, monitor, investigate and respond to terrorism.

Briefing paper

4 Aug 2016

In July 2016, the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria’s (ECCV) consulted with culturally diverse communities, parents, teachers and legal experts on lowering the age of control orders for children aged 14 in the Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment Bill (No.1) 2015. The Law Council of Australia (LCA)...


8 Jun 2016

Asset confiscation is a tool that Victoria’s law enforcement and public prosecution agencies use in response to criminal activity. There are three key agencies that work together to achieve the objectives of the Asset Confiscation Scheme—Victoria Police, the Office of Public Prosecutions and the Department...

Journal article

16 Oct 2015

In the latter months of 2014, following events in faraway Iraq and Syria, Australia responded forcefully at home. The manufactured fear of a terrorist attack resulted in police raids, increased counter‐terrorism legislation and scare campaigns to alert the public to 'threat'. Although Islamophobia rose in...



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