15 Aug 2018

This research examined the effects of ‘push marketing’ – direct promotional messages such as text messages, emails and phone calls – on wagering operators’ account-holders.


How industry self-regulation is failing to protect our children from unhealthy food marketing
24 Jul 2018

This report analyses how the current regulatory system fails in the objective to protect children from the marketing of unhealthy food and what needs to be done to improve the way the system works.


2 Jul 2018

This research presents overwhelming global evidence that tobacco firms are developing new ways to get kids hooked on nicotine products and more needs to be done.


21 Jun 2018

This report provides an overview of how US public libraries communicate to their users and the broader community. Results confirm that libraries do a lot with limited resources, there’s a focus on social media, and that efforts successfully increase community awareness about the library.

Discussion paper

9 May 2018

The decade-long fight over the controversial Stage 3 expansion of the New Acland Coal (NAC) mine looks set to continue, with the Queensland Supreme Court disagreeing with an earlier Land Court decision that the mine should not be granted approval, a decision followed by the...


Inquiry into impacts on local businesses in Australia from global internet-based competition
11 Apr 2018

Internet commerce currently accounts for only a small proportion of the Australian retail market but is growing rapidly. As a result of this growth, Australian businesses are experiencing increased competition from overseas firms using the internet to directly market to Australian consumers.


27 Nov 2017

This report examines commission-based fundraising in the Australian charity sector.


4 Oct 2017

This report argues that the notion that large brands are dying is simply not true. Nor has the world fundamentally changed in a way that favours small brands over big.


30 Apr 2017

A head-to-head comparison, between B2B and B2C email marketing organisations.


25 Jan 2017

Alternatives to cash are a relatively recent development in Asia Pacific. The most common are credit cards or debit cards, both of which have been subject to fraud. Electronic payments can now replace cash for most transactions and it is this move to e-wallets that...


17 Jan 2017

This report finds that social media is one of the biggest opportunities that companies across industries have to connect directly to consumers.


20 Dec 2016

Data-driven marketing practices: Australian industry participants’ survey results report comprises the results of a survey commissioned by the ACMA to examine current data-driven marketing practices and trends.

Data-driven marketing and advertising includes any marketing communication that uses insights from data, including personal information,...

Journal article

15 Aug 2016

While there is no shortage of worthy recipients for prosocial behaviour, there is a constant battle to attract and keep donors. This research examines money and blood donor behaviour for two key desirable groups, new donors, to grow the donor base, and frequent donors to...


16 Jun 2016

In this lecture, A/Prof Ross Gordon looks at the use of narrative within social marketing and social change. He discusses the use of social marketing within the Energy+ Illawarra energy efficiency project.


15 Jun 2016

This study focused on social media use by accounting firms in Australia. We investigated the social media philosophies, operationalisation and strategic intentions of public practice accounting firms in Australia. A case study approach was undertaken. The research context for this study included two “Big Four”...



23 May 2016

On April 25, publishers, platforms, and industry groups including ESPN, Google, and The Guardian met in New York to discuss how to deal with the continued threat of adblocking.

The meeting was organized by Johnny Ryan, the head of ecosystem at PageFair, a company...


3 Feb 2016

B2B (business to business) companies are at risk of of losing more than two-thirds of their customer base, according to this report.

Executive summary Gallup analysis has found that only 29% of B2B customers are fully engaged — that is, emotionally and psychologically...

Conference paper

31 Jan 2016

This paper reports upon very early findings from a three year ARC Discovery project exploring how online distribution is changing the environment for operating a creative micro-enterprise, with a specific focus on designer-makers. A key research question for the project is: what are the ‘self-making’...

Journal article

11 Dec 2015

Advertising is becoming more accountable. Creative decisions, though, remain very difficult to justify. Armstrong’s (2010) evidence-based persuasion principles are a landmark effort to bring together evidence to support creative decisions. In this invited commentary, we ask: “What does this test of the Persuasion Principles Index...


14 Oct 2015

Digital Ready is a free online training course for the Arts, Recreation and Education Services sectors. It equips small business owners, organisations and clubs with the skills to take advantage of digital technology in growing their business, organisation or club.



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