13 Mar 2019

This report pinpoints stark differences between female and male responses to the Mission Australia Youth Survey 2018 , highlighting that more females than males were concerned about almost every topic in the survey.

Draft report

12 Mar 2019

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019–2024 will use a combination of population health need, demand and supply assessment analysis, as well as a variety of consultation approaches to determine the focus for the next five years. This document provides the rationale to the approach, and...

Audio podcast

5 Feb 2019

A conversation with researchers and advocates about mental health and the impact of economics and the changing nature of work


Summary of insights from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Global Conference on Well-Being
1 Jan 2019

This paper shares case studies and insights from the group’s fresh and provocative dialogue that may be useful to practitioners, policymakers, researchers, economists, and others interested in well-being, whether they are taking the first steps or fine-tuning established practice.


20 Dec 2018

Going On-Country is expected to have many benefits for the physical, social, emotional and cultural wellbeing of Aboriginal people living in remote areas. Whilst there is evidence that ‘Caring for Country’ programs can improve Aboriginal health, there has been little consideration for the potential benefits...


A project conducted by the Lowitja Institute for the National Mental Health Commission
17 Dec 2018

Trauma is a pervasive and complex aspect of the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and, inevitably, a part of any conversation about mental health. It operates at an individual, collective and community level, and has historical and contemporary manifestations.

The Lowitja...

Journal article

7 Dec 2018

The proposed framework presented in this paper was developed in consultation with researchers and policy makers. The framework is guiding current research examining vulnerabilities to climate change and the effects of a range of exposures on health and wellbeing.

Discussion paper

6 Dec 2018

This issues paper argues that the continued use of gender stereotypes and increasing reliance on images that sexualise and objectify women in advertisements undermines efforts to promote gender equality in Australia. The studies cited in this paper demonstrate that there is a clear business case...


Northern Territory child and adolescent health and wellbeing strategic plan 2018–2028
6 Dec 2018

This strategy document provides the framework to improve the lives of children and young Territorians from 0-24 years of age. The integration of services, such as housing, education, youth justice and child protection, are all addressed in the plan.


4 Dec 2018

The New Zealand Treasury developed the Living Standards Framework (LSF) dashboard, a practical set of meaningful current and future wellbeing indicators, to inform its policy advice. We are making the LSF dashboard publicly available so that others can see some of the work that assists...


4 Dec 2018

This paper sets out to measure and reflect the wellbeing of New Zealanders across different areas of their lives, as expressed in the Treasury’s Living Standards Framework.


Beyond Blue’s national mental health and wellbeing study of police and emergency services – final report
29 Nov 2018

This report into the mental health and wellbeing of police and emergency services reflects the voices and experiences of 21,014 serving and former employees and volunteers from police, fire, ambulance and state emergency services agencies. The response rate signals that mental health and wellbeing are...


National survey of the mental health and wellbeing of police and emergency services: detailed report
29 Nov 2018

This 'Answering the call’ detailed report was developed as part of Beyond Blue’s national mental health and wellbeing study of police and emergency services.


28 Nov 2018

Each year, Mission Australia encourages young people aged 15-19 to ‘speak up’ about the issues that concern them through Australia’s largest annual youth survey. Over 28,000 young people participated in 2018. For the first time, mental health was the number one issue of national concern...


23 Nov 2018

The impact of building renovation on health, well-being and productivity could improve the lives of more than 200 million Europeans. This set of publications, developed by BPIE and commissioned by Buildings 2030, takes an important step towards defining, measuring, quantifying and monetising the impact of...


8 Nov 2018

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) and Swinburne University of Technology have undertaken the most comprehensive measure of loneliness yet completed in Australia. The survey of more than 1,600 Australians confirms that loneliness is strongly connected to poorer quality of life, lower psychological wellbeing, higher social...


2 Nov 2018

This report adds significantly to previous work by the Carnegie UK Trust and Joseph Rowntree Foundation that uncovered powerful examples of where kindness and everyday relationships can affect change and support the wellbeing of individuals and communities.


31 Oct 2018

This in-brief report presents key findings from the upcoming AIHW report Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adolescent and youth health and wellbeing 2018 . It brings together data for Indigenous people aged 10–24 on health and wellbeing outcomes, social and economic determinants of health, health...


Exploring the impact of LGBTIQ-affirming health and community care on older gender and sexuality-diverse women's wellbeing and sense of belonging
30 Oct 2018

This research aimed to examine and understand older GSD (gender and sexuality diverse) women’s experiences and needs related to health, aged-care and social support services. In particular, this project sought to explore how access and engagement with services was related to women’s sense of community...


Results from the New Zealand Mental Health Monitor & Health and Lifestyles Survey
30 Oct 2018

This report uses Māori mental health data from three population surveys to highlight findings about whanaungatanga and belonging, cultural connectedness and reconnection, and cultural identity for Māori mental wellbeing.



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