The views of children and young people on growing up in Queensland
26 Nov 2018

This report presents results of the Growing Up in Queensland project that involved over 7,000 young people in Queensland aged 4–18 years. The project consulted children and young people about their everyday lives, priorities, concerns, and vision for their communities and futures.


18 Oct 2018

The Family Wellbeing Study focuses on how families are faring at two of the major stages of a military career: during service, and in the first years after the transition to civilian life. An additional focus is how differing types of family members are faring....


2 Oct 2018

Parenting is among the most profoundly fulfilling and constantly challenging human experiences. For most parents, it is a life-changing, identity-shifting, unpredictable and expensive journey.

One-hundred-seventy-three million Americans are parents, 76 million with children under 18. Their circumstances and experiences vary widely, in large part...

Briefing paper

11 Jul 2018

This Policy Brief outlines a different approach for addressing the complex nature of childhood vulnerability in communities experiencing high levels of disadvantage – a place-based collective impact approach.

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

Housing is fundamentally important to family wellbeing. Secure, affordable housing assists family members to care for one another through life events and transitions, promotes healthy child development and enables engagement in social and economic spheres beyond and within the home. Yet, while an emerging body...


14 Jun 2018

This paper draws conclusions from the available evidence, much of it international. This report is not an attack on single mothers. Strong parental attachment generally mitigates the many disadvantages their children face.


5 Apr 2018

Around 80,000 Australian families now have a stay-at-home dad at the helm, according to this research released by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.


6 Oct 2017

This report from the Queensland government provides a progress update of the child and family support reform program.


4 Sep 2017

This document includes Parts 1, 2 and 3, which expands the latest version of the report to include families and parents, and supports and services for vulnerable children.

Other text

1 Sep 2017

Many fathers in Australia are working long hours and have schedules that are not family-friendly, including evening and weekend work. This can get in the way of their time with children.


25 Aug 2017

Using six waves of LSAC data, this report discusses ways in which Australian children's experiences and environments affect their prospects and progress, from birth to 15 years old.


11 Jul 2017

This research contributes to a better understanding of the market for multigenerational homes in the UK. It analyses the scale and types of multigenerational households currently found in the UK and explores the experiences of British families living in this way.


19 Mar 2017

An explosion in the number of high-rise apartments across our capital cities is dramatically driving up student enrolments, resulting in "jam-packed" public schools. Too many students and not enough classrooms. How did government's get it so wrong?


8 Feb 2017

This practitioner resource outlines some key considerations for community sector organisations and service providers who are thinking about evaluating the outcomes or impact of a program for Indigenous families or communities.

This resource outlines some issues and common challenges that require careful thought when...


1 Jan 2017

This is a study of individuals of German-Tongan descent living around the world. Taking as its starting point the period where Germans in Tonga (2014) left off, it examines the family histories, self-conceptions of identity, and connectedness to Germany of twenty-seven individuals living in New...

Journal article

11 Nov 2016

This Research to Practice issue explores the challenges experienced by refugee families resettling in Australia; the informal and formal supports they access and barriers to these supports; the characteristics of supportive services and implications for policy and practice.

It was based on a study...

Discussion paper

3 Nov 2016

The Queensland Government is committed to building a new child protection and family support system that meets the needs of Queensland children, young people and families, now and into the future. As part of the Supporting Families Changing Futures reform program, we are undertaking a...


20 Oct 2016

This is the final report to the Attorney-General on the issue of families with complex needs and the family law and child protection systems.

It concentrates on opportunities to enhance collaboration and information sharing within the family law system as well as other support...


7 Oct 2016

This report, which has been produced by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, aims to provide valuable insights into family functioning and child development for researchers, policy-makers, and those who provide services and support, as well as the community at large.

Using five waves...


28 Sep 2016

The Department for Child Protection and Family Support has developed the Building Safe and Strong Families: Earlier Intervention and Family Support Strategy in partnership with the community services sector to enable the service system to be more responsive and effective for the most vulnerable families...



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