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13 May 2018

This paper explores the diversity of third age learning in regional and rural communities when people open themselves to new experiences and challenges in everyday life in two very different parts of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.


13 Apr 2018

The key challenge for regional, rural and remote education is ensuring, regardless of location or circumstances, that every young person has access to high quality schooling and opportunities.


Issues, challenges, opportunities and recommendations from research funded by the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education
13 Nov 2017

This report provides an overview of the key issues, identifies the principal challenges and highlights the major policy responses in view of the findings and recommendations from recent research reports funded by the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE). It also draws...

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24 Apr 2017

This paper adopts a narrative and integrative approach to advance the understanding of curriculum design practices, with particular relevance to distance education.


24 Mar 2017

This report outlines research from Australia and the UK informing ten 'National Guidelines to Improve Student Outcomes in Online Education'.


9 May 2016

This paper reports on a study conducted in 2014 and 2015 that explored the accessibility of eLearning for students with disabilities studying fully online in Australia.

Executive Summary

The study looked at students studying through Open Universities Australia (OUA). OUA brings together...


6 May 2015

An assessment of the effectiveness of the Department of Human Services’ administration of the Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme.


The audit objective was to assess the effectiveness of Human Services’ administration of Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme. The purpose of the...


1 May 2015

This report presents findings of a study of the policy context around higher education institution (HEI) mobility in eight APEC economies – China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore and Viet Nam. The report provides insights into different policy contexts gathered from desktop research...

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15 Mar 2015

The ‘tyranny of distance’ endured by many rural and regional families has been linked with negative educational outcomes for rural students including lower academic outcomes related to the ‘social stratification’ that is revealing itself across Australian education sectors.

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31 Dec 2014

There has been virtually no explication of poetry-writing pedagogy in historical accounts of Australian distance education during the 1930s. The purpose of this paper is to satisfy this gap in scholarship.

The paper concerns a particular episode in the cultural history of education; an...


13 Oct 2013

An introduction to Sector-Wide Approach (SWAps) & their evolution as a global aid modality

Due to its perceived links to economic growth through the provision of human capital, education has always been awarded a central role as an agent of development. The belief...


7 Apr 2010

This study focuses on student listening needs in the context of the English for Academic Purposes program taught by distance education at the University of the South Pacific. It explores the relationship between learners' awareness of the learning strategy they use for developing their listening...

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10 Jul 2008

This paper analyzes the university as an Internet intermediary in the current climate of online distance education, classifies the stakeholders associated with the university in Web course management, and explores the need for an "Instructional Design Copyright Law". The situation is likened to a theatrical...


8 Jun 2007

A family cat is on the operating table at a Tamworth veterinary clinic. Its condition is critical. The cat is receiving expert treatment from a vet who works in a clinic that is like many others across Australia, except there is a small camera hanging...



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