Working paper

15 Mar 2018

It is unclear why royalties are the dominant mode of payment in contracts over the trade of pre-commercial technology. We evaluate possible reasons for including royalties in a contract using a dataset of 645 contracts.


14 Dec 2017

This inquiry will examine government expenditure on consultants and other issues raised by a recent Australian National Audit Office seeking to provide greater transparency on procurement activity.

Journal article

5 Dec 2017

This article argues that the adoption of neo-liberalist ideology and the assumptions of this ideology were the driving force behind the increased use of contractors by Australia’s Department of Defence.

Discussion paper

4 Dec 2017

This paper identifies a set of reform proposals that the NSW government is considering, designed to strengthen protections for consumers buying property off-the-plan.


12 Sep 2017

This webinar introduces the Common Legal Framework - a standard way of describing community solar projects.


6 Jun 2017

This article reviews a new report from Infrastructure Australia on competitive tendering of public transport services, questioning whether cost savings are realistic.


31 May 2017

Infrastructure Australia Chief Executive Philip Davies argues the case for reform of infrastructure delivery in Australia.


25 Apr 2017

This report looks at improving public transport customers’ experience by exposing the operations of government-owned bus and rail services to a competitive tender process, and selecting the best operator to provide services.

Discussion paper

15 Apr 2017

In this paper, we investigate the role that a Contract-for-Difference (CFD) feed-in tariff might play in underpinning increased investment in renewable energy in Australia.

Policy report

23 Feb 2017

This report identifies a number of important issues surrounding government procurement and makes recommendations with regard to the better provision of government infrastructure in the future.

Working paper

15 Feb 2017

This paper aims to identify the issues at stake in rail contract negotiations and to suggest improvements to existing contracts to protect the public interest.


17 Jan 2017

This audit assessed whether the Department of Immigration and Border Protection adopted sound contract management practices for the delivery of garrison support and welfare services for offshore processing centres in Nauru and Manus Island.

Audit objective, scope and criteria

The objective of...


25 Oct 2016

This is the second Snapshot Survey of the community sector in New Zealand conducted by ComVoices in an effort to better understand the sector’s service delivery, resourcing and capacity issues. Over 280 organisations responded to the survey, which was carried out in July 2016....


4 Feb 2016

The decision to franchise ferry services on the Sydney Ferries Network is justified, according to this report.

Executive summary Scheduled ferry services on the Sydney Ferries Network are provided under the Ferry System Contract managed by Transport for NSW (TfNSW). Harbour City Ferries...

Conference paper

28 Oct 2014

Identifies a range of possible tactics that are available to church-related agencies in their engagement with government.


United States, United Kingdom and Australian literature on the potential, and actual, impacts on not-for profit social welfare and human services agencies of contracting...

Conference paper

29 Sep 2014

This paper focuses on the outsourcing of public services to private organisations and the mechanisms that government puts in place to control these organisations.


This paper examines the outsourcing of employment services in Australia in 1998 to non government entities and...

Journal article

28 Feb 2012

This article aims to identify and analyze the key benefits of adopting Guaranteed Maximum Price and Target Cost Contracts (GMP/TCC) over and above the traditional lump-sum contractual arrangement through an empirical questionnaire survey conducted in South Australia and compared with the findings in Hong Kong....


26 May 2003

The Senate Order on Agency Contracts aims to ensure parliamentary scrutiny of government activities in the face of increased use of confidentiality as a ground to withhold information from the public and from parliament. This research note examines the Order and the government's response.

Working paper

URP Working Paper No. 27
15 Sep 1991

The findings and arguments presented in this paper are based on a variety of data including face to face interviews with clothing industry, government and union representatives.



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