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8 Aug 2018

In the state of Victoria, there is a role for both the education system and for the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) in the teaching and awareness of civics. The committee believes that civics and a lack of public understanding about the way our democracy works...


8 Aug 2016

Electronic petitions (e-petitions) have been introduced in Australian legislatures and internationally to improve public engagement with the political process and to make democracy more accessible, participatory and responsive. In Victoria, both houses of Parliament accept only paper petitions in accordance with relevant standing orders, however,...



22 Mar 2016

The PM knows that voters have a simple question in mind when they enter the polling booth

THE LATEST edition of Tony Abbott’s “no sniping” tour, on Monday night, saw the former prime minister explain to Sky News that it’s “very easy” for...


25 Feb 2016

This Whitlam Institute Perspectives paper by the Hon Barry Jones AC is a passionate plea for political leadership which has the gumption, intellectual power and persistence to "shatter old beliefs, look towards transcendent possibility and tell a story to be proud of". This paper takes...


30 Sep 2015

The collection of essays brings together leading social scientists from the Asia-Pacific region. We argue for the benefit of dialogue between the diverse theories and methods of social sciences in the region, the role of the social sciences in addressing real-world problems, the need to...

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19 Aug 2015

How do policy workers actually use academic research and advice? While there are several recent studies regarding this question from other Westminster jurisdictions, similar academic studies have been rare in New Zealand. So far, most of the local research in this field has been conducted...

Book review

24 Apr 2015

By any reckoning, the Department of Government at the University of Sydney was foundational to the development of political science in this country. It was among the first to teach the subject, generated a text which marked out the development of the discipline in successive...


28 Jan 2015

The realities of policy influence are more complex than they may appear from the outside, but the rewards make it worthwhile, writes Catriona Jackson.

There are a few fully-fledged fantasies about the way academics give policy advice to government.

Let’s look at...


28 Oct 2014

The Mapping the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences in Australia report charts Australia’s current capabilities in the humanities, arts and social sciences (HASS) and identifies gaps and opportunities for the future by developing a comprehensive understanding of student enrolment trends, and teaching and research activity...


27 Oct 2014

A Federation for the 21st Century examines:

The key challenges for a federation in the 21st century The potential for reforming the way government organises and delivers services The relationship between the Commonwealth and state governments in relation to funding, investment and infrastructure...


1 Sep 2014

In the lead-up to the 2014 APSA Conference, the APSA Executive agreed to a proposal by the president, Brian Head, to conduct a rapid survey of members’ opinions on the nature and future of political science.


The focus on research impact...

Audio presentation

10 Jul 2014

Should we shrink the public sector and give the market a greater share? With the current focus on reducing public debt, the federal Treasurer says we have unsustainable expectations about what governments can deliver and so governments need to cut spending and downsize. But does...


1 Apr 2014

According to this UK survey, the majority of senior civil servants actively engage positively with academic outputs. However, it is also clear that a significant minority does not engage at all with academics and that many do so in fairly limited ways.


Journal article

28 Feb 2014

The publicity of the government, the press, and a host of private organisations constantly assures the public that New Zealand leads the world in this, that, and the other. So often is the point repeated and asserted about so many features of the Dominion’s life...


18 Nov 2013

This publication shares 10 lessons on how to create innovative change in local government from the Creative Councils programme.

Key findings

New approaches are needed for costly social challenges posed by long–term youth unemployment and vulnerable families often living in places that feel...

Journal article

3 Aug 2013

This paper develops a revolution model incorporating the effects of social media. It is seen that social media changes the outcomes of traditional revolution models due its effects on the cost/benefit analysis of would-be participants. The paper also considers various strategies for the dictator to...


11 May 2012

This study provides a summary of key issues raised in prior reviews of the literature and research on the impacts of fly-in/fly-out, driveIn/drive-out (FIFO/DIDO) work practices and, where appropriate, supplement this with other recent literature found. Furthermore, given the nature of ACELG’s modus operandi, the...


23 Apr 2012

The landscape for public services is changing rapidly. In the context of significant and sustained reductions in public spending, changing public expectations and rising demand, those who design and deliver public services have to contend with a very different set of circumstances in which to...


16 Feb 2012

This report has been prepared as a component of the next phase of the Rural-Remote and Indigenous Local Government Program of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG). The aim of the overall strategy is to identify key steps in building the capacity...


30 Dec 2011

New Zealand has an enviable international reputation as a country where it is relatively common for women to hold top leadership roles in government and in organisations. Of 36 OECD countries, in 2003 New Zealand had the 4th highest representation of women in senior management...



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