Discussion paper

25 Jun 2018

This discussion document contains proposals to change the fees for patent and trade mark services provided by the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ).


30 Aug 2017

This strategy document outlines IP Australia's aim of creating a secure environment for investment in innovation, enabling firms to build brand value and business knowledge, and encouraging the disclosure of inventions and the transfer of knowledge and technology.


25 Aug 2017

This Australian government response document supports a number of the Productivity Commission’s recommendations and acknowledges the importance of further consultation with stakeholders on future copyright reforms.


12 Apr 2017

This report on patent activity highlights Australia’s positive global ranking in advanced manufacturing patent applications, showing healthy levels of innovation within the sector.

Patents for new products, processes and technologies are a useful indicator of innovation performance within an industry.

The report assesses...


20 Dec 2016

Australia’s intellectual property (IP) arrangements fall short in many ways and improvement is needed across the spectrum of IP rights.

IP arrangements need to ensure that creators and inventors are rewarded for their efforts, but in doing so they must: − foster creative endeavour...

Discussion paper

7 Oct 2015


Australia provides statutory protection for intellectual property through patents, trade marks, geographical indications, registered designs, plant breeders’ rights, copyright, moral rights, performers’ rights and circuit layout rights. Current laws are consistent with treaties under the auspices of the World Trade Organization, the...

Other text

30 Sep 2014

This resource explores the strategies being used in the Australian biotech industry to bring innovative new products to the market in a timely, cost-efficient and safe manner.


28 Mar 2013

This report presents background information for an inquiry on the compulsory licensing provisions of the Patents Act 1990 (Cwlth) .

Key points:

Like most countries, Australia has legislated a system of compulsory licensing so that patent owners can be compelled to license...


10 Aug 2012

The Commission has been asked to report on the compulsory licensing provisions of the Patents Act 1990 (Commonwealth Patents Act). Compulsory licensing is a safeguard that may be invoked when the exclusive rights conferred by a patent are not meeting the reasonable requirements of the...


21 Aug 2007

This issue looks at proposed changes to the duty of disclosure; the design registrability of fonts; a patent infringement validity decision; trade mark examination for short marks; changes to the process for filing divisional trade mark applications; and linking of single class trade mark registrations....



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