Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Working Group Report to the Advisory Committee to the Director, NIH
17 Sep 2015

Final report and presentation also included.


On January 20, 2015, President Obama launched a new U.S. initiative, the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI), to accelerate our understanding of individual variability and its effect on disease onset, progression, prevention, and treatment. There are...



24 Aug 2015

While people in the affluent world are living longer and healthier lives than ever before, they have become more and more fearful and worried about their health. Iona Heath untangles the distinct yet overlapping fears of patients, doctors, bureaucrats, politicians and society at large....


28 Jun 2015


Medicines play a significant role in helping New Zealanders get well, stay well and live well. We have already made positive changes in this area, but there are substantial challenges ahead of us.

We need to buy, use and manage medicines...

Briefing paper

23 Mar 2015

Provides background information about the benefits and risks of using cannabis for medicinal purposes, the experience of other countries that allow people to use it, and the interconnecting Commonwealth and Victorian laws that could be affected if Victoria introduces its own scheme.



15 Feb 2015

Drawing on leaked texts of potential provisions of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, this health impact assessment found the potential for negative impacts in the cost of medicines, tobacco control policies, alcohol control policies, and food labeling.


The Centre for Health...


1 Feb 2015

Provides an outline of the current research around medical tourism, especially its impact on Australians.

Background Medical tourism is a burgeoning industry in our region. It involves patients traveling outside of their home country for medical treatment.

Objective This article provides...


28 Oct 2014

Provides an overview of selected social and economic characteristics of people using subsidised mental health-related services and subsidised prescription medication including the type of services or medication these people are accessing.

Audio presentation

9 Sep 2014

A medical researcher for almost 45 years, Professor Suzanne Cory’s and her colleagues contributed to the watershed realisation that some of our genes are time bombs that may lead to cancer.

In this first lecture Professor Cory reflects on where medical science has come...


4 Sep 2014

Objectives: To examine doctors' level of knowledge of the law on withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining treatment from adults who lack decision-making capacity, and factors associated with a higher level of knowledge.

Design, setting and participants: Postal survey of all specialists in emergency...


25 Aug 2014

Provides an overview of what is known about medicinal cannabis use in Australia, the current state of the scientific and medical evidence for its use, and problems with the current situation in Australia.


The use of any medication should be based...


3 Jul 2014

Outlines a vision, purpose, priorities and eight overarching objectives to help ensure the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes for people with spinal cord impairment, enhancing their quality of life and ability to participate in society.


Spinal cord impairment (SCI) is...


26 Jun 2014

This audit assessed the effectiveness of the Department of Health’s management of the National Medical Stockpile.

Audit objective, criteria and scope

The audit objective was to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Health’s management of the National Medical Stockpile.



16 May 2014

This audit assessed the effectiveness of the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s application of the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for prescription medicines.

Overall conclusion

The Department of Health, through the TGA, administers the Australian regulatory framework for therapeutic goods, providing assurance to the...

Briefing paper

4 Dec 2013

Executive summary

Does antibiotic resistance exist?

Yes. It is a worsening phenomenon seen all over the world, including Australia.

What are the implications of antibiotic resistance?

Infection with antibiotic-resistant bacteria is associated with longer length of stay in...


29 Oct 2012

Background: Older people often take a relatively high number of prescription medicines and experience a range of issues linked with these medicines. Older people admitted to hospital for an acute condition often experience changes to their medicines and as a result they may experience problems...


20 May 2011

This resource provides an outline of general practice. It considers its uniformity and diversity; its funding arrangements, service delivery, workforce, training, capacity and supporting structures. It provides recommendations for identifying and acting on opportunities for collaboration. The Guide draws on published literature as well as...


6 Apr 2009

This paper prescribes a dose of market forces for Australia's medical workforce training.

It is a cautionary story about that fatal conceit, especially relevant in this era of neo-Keynesianism where government intervention is becoming the default mode. It shows how central planning, to paraphrase...


24 Jan 2009

This report presents data on the number, nature, incidence and costs of medical indemnity claims in the public sector over the period from 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2007 and describes allegations of harm that gave rise to claims, the people affected by these...


19 Jan 2009

In Australia, many common non-prescription medicines used to treat minor ailments can be bought only from pharmacies. Some argue that pharmacy restrictions on non-prescription medicines are justified because professional advice is necessary to protect people who are caring for themselves against the risk of using...


11 Aug 2008

This report presents data about the circumstances that gave rise to medical indemnity claims in Australia, the medical specialties involved in claims, the people making claims, and the size and length of time claims have been open. Public and private sector medical indemnity claims in...



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