The October/November 2018 TAPRI survey
8 Apr 2019

This report summarises a national survey of voters’ attitudes to population growth, immigration, and cultural and economic change run by The Australian Population Research Institute in 2018.


21 Mar 2019

Leaving aside errors and misunderstandings, Australia doesn’t have a big fraudulent-voting problem. But a little reassurance wouldn’t go amiss.

Discussion paper

15 Feb 2019

On 3 April 2019, the people of Solomon Islands will go to the polls to elect their representatives in the national parliament for the next four years, but the outcome of the 2019 national election will not change the core challenges facing Solomon Islands.


11 Dec 2018

Following the 2016 general election, the AEC undertook an Informal Ballot Paper Study to analyse the levels and types of informal voting. The national informality rate (informal votes as a percentage of all votes cast) decreased from 5.91 per cent of all votes cast in...

Discussion paper

8 Oct 2018

This paper draws on data from the new Samoa Election Results database to highlight salient features and trends in Samoa’s electoral history.

Policy report

5 Sep 2018

This paper explores the hypothesis that growth of government has become self-sustaining through the emergence of a segment of the population that both enjoys sufficient direct support from government and is large enough that political parties shape policies to curry its favour.


5 Jun 2018

This report has been compiled by the VEC on the conduct of the Greater Geelong City Council general election held in October 2017. The report provides commentary on the services provided by the different branches within the VEC and their performance in the execution of...

Journal article

1 Oct 2017

Several Australian local government franchises still include rules that have been abolished at the Federal and State levels, such as property qualifications, votes for corporations, and various forms of plural voting.


1 Sep 2017

More young Australians are enrolled to vote than ever before. But will this have the impact Labor and the Greens expect? Peter Brent explains.


14 Jun 2017

Turnout at the 2016 House of Representatives elections (91.0 per cent) was the lowest recorded since the introduction of compulsory voting ahead of the 1925 federal election, finds this analysis. Turnout at the 2016 Senate elections (91.9 per cent) was the lowest recorded since the 1925 federal election.

Journal article

30 Nov 2016

While the recent New Zealand local authority elections attracted their fair share of media headlines, the dominant narrative, as in previous elections, was one of declining turnout and whether or not local government has a future. Little was heard about the nature of the role...

Journal article

30 Nov 2016

In April 2016 New Zealand’s long-awaited online voting trial for local elections was again cancelled, or postponed indefinitely. Despite its advocacy of e-government, central government in New Zealand has continued to stall over trialling online voting. The trial of online voting was strongly supported by...


31 Oct 2016

The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria Inc. (ECCV) is the voice of multicultural Victoria and the peak policy advocacy body for eight regional ethnic community councils and up to 220 members including ethnic and multicultural organisations across Victoria since 1974. For over 40 years, we...

Journal article

18 Oct 2016


While Australia has a system of universal franchise, in the sense of a system of voting that is broadly inclusionary, there are some notable exceptions – minors and some convicted criminals are excluded, for example. While the political participation of these excluded...

Audio interview


7 Jul 2016

One thing Election 2016 seems to have demonstrated, is that volatility is the new normal. Pendulum like election results, significant swings, minor parties and protest votes are the new political reality.

Does this demonstrate that voters are less addicted to political 'entertainment', less in...


23 Jun 2016

New research shows a rising number of the Australian adult population are not enrolled, not casting a vote or voting informally.

Combined with the sinking major party vote, nearly 40% of Australian adults did not vote for either party able to form government in...



13 May 2016

In a unanimous judgement, the High Court on Friday crushed Family First senator Bob Day’s High Court challenge to the recent Senate voting reforms.

The court regarded none of Day’s arguments as having any merit. It dismissed them as “untenable” or failing at their...

Audio interview


22 Apr 2016

The Queensland political landscape has changed drastically with the introduction of four new MPs and the reintroduction of compulsory preferential voting. The ABC's election analyst, Antony Green, says the changes are astonishing.

Working paper

17 Mar 2016

This working paper outlines the case for the South Australian House of Assembly adopting an Alternative voting plus (AV+) voting system and argues that AV+ would represent a genuine attempt at producing a majority government whilst increasing proportionally.


1 Mar 2016

Australians are referendum reluctant. Only eight out of forty-four constitutional referendums have succeeded.

In Switzerland the population votes four times year, on about ten different direct democracy initiatives.

New Zealand referenda are not as regular but this week our kiwi cousins are voting...



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