Early childhood education


26 Feb 2019

The Morrison Government ignores the case for expanding access to preschool education at its peril, writes Tom Greenwell.


24 Feb 2019

This report, based on longitudinal data, analyses the level of deprivation and wellbeing experienced by Australian children, with particular reference to those living with disability, those living in monetary poverty, and those living in jobless families.


7 Feb 2019

Almost eight out of 10 (79%) education and care services are Meeting or Exceeding the National Quality Standard (NQS), according to the NQF Snapshot Q4 2018 released by ACECQA.


1 Feb 2019

This chapter reports on the performance of early childhood education and care (ECEC) services, which comprise child care and preschool services.


19 Dec 2018

This second report builds on last year’s inaugural report and focusses on progress made during 2017-18 in implementing the National Partnership on the National Quality Agenda for Early Childhood Education and Care.


3 Dec 2018

Using six waves of LSAC data, this report discusses ways in which Australian children’s experiences and environments affect their prospects and progress, from birth to 15 years old.


NZIER report to Ministry of Education
20 Nov 2018
This report analyses the results of an online survey on early learning developed by the Ministry of Education. The survey was designed to build engagement in the wider early learning sector and seek feedback from parents.

Draft report

19 Nov 2018

This draft plan, He taonga te tamaiti, sets the direction for early learning in New Zealand for the next ten years and is open for consultation until 15 March 2019.


8 Nov 2018

More than 20,000 quality assessments of children’s education and care services have been undertaken by state and territory regulatory authorities since 2012, with almost 2000 of these using the 2018 National Quality Standard (NQS), introduced from 1 February 2018.

In its Q3 2018 NQF...


30 Oct 2018

SVA’s incoming CEO, Suzie Riddell, asks Goodstart how, as a social enterprise, it balances its commercial and social goals; and what role influencing the system plays in meeting its purpose.

Draft report

21 Sep 2018

This draft action plan was developed with input from a range of sources, including the 2015 Learning Support Update, and the Select Committee Inquiry into Identification and Support for students with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Autism Spectrum Disorders.


20 Sep 2018

This review looked at teacher registration in Australia to ensure processes are nationally consistent, rigorous and focused on teacher quality. The final report outlines 17 recommendations to strengthen teacher registration.

Discussion paper

21 Aug 2018

This discussion paper explores some of the changes we are considering to improve the quality of home-based early childhood education (ECE). The government wants to understand the views of all those with an interest in home-based ECE and get feedback on the proposed changes.


9 Aug 2018

ACECQA announced that almost eight out of 10 (78%) children’s education and care services with a quality rating have an overall rating of Meeting National Quality Standard (NQS) or above.

“The National Quality Framework, which includes the NQS, has raised quality and continues to...

Discussion paper

19 Jul 2018

This occasional paper is the sixth in a series about the National Quality Framework (NQF). It examines trends in quality improvement from the perspective of services rated Working Towards National Quality Standard (NQS) under the 2012 NQS.


Growing up in New Zealand: a longitudinal study of New Zealand children and their families
14 Jun 2018

Starting school is an important milestone for every child and their family. This report gives us some insight into what contributes to making that process more positive or challenging, from the perspective of the cohort parents.


10 May 2018

ACECQA announced that 67% of children’s education and care services previously rated Working Towards National Quality Standard have improved their overall quality rating at reassessment.


Building the foundations for implementing the Children’s Convention in Aotearoa
11 Apr 2018

This report focuses on what the UN calls the 'General Measures of Implementation,' or the steps governments are expected to take in order to enable the implementation of the Children’s Convention. In this report, we call these ‘measures’ building blocks.

Briefing paper

1 Apr 2018

The early years are a critical time for children’s development. Parents’ engagement in their children’s early development and learning has an impact on children’s later educational and life experiences and parents differ in their levels of engagement.


14 Mar 2018

This report examines what the 2016 Australian Census of Population and Housing can tell us about preschool participation among the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian population.



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