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20 Feb 2019

Global spending on health is growing fast, accounting for 10% of global GDP, but out-of-pocket expenses are still pushing many people into poverty.

Draft report

3 Dec 2018

While there are still a small number of commitments delayed in this first National Action Plan, Australia has taken great strides to improve transparency, accountability and public engagement over the course of this action plan cycle, with the majority of the plan’s commitments either on...


Australian health data series Volume 2
29 Nov 2018

This report offers a series of recommendations to enhance health and medical research in Australia, saving lives and saving dollars.


29 Nov 2018

This review examines the goals and vision of the National Disability Strategy with a particular focus on people with disability from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Conference paper

30 Apr 2018

Technology is being extensively used among children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in affluent countries. However, there is a paucity of studies exploring the use of technology for children with ASD in developing countries like Sri Lanka.


30 Mar 2018

Executive summary Consumer health data – clinical and socio-demographic – is increasingly collected, linked and used, both with and without consumers’ knowledge and informed consent. There is increasing focus on ‘big data’, evidence-informed policy, and the value of data-driven service development and improvement. Recent...


28 Mar 2018

This strategy is intended to optimise the independence and self-determination of disabled people in New Zealand, in line with the Enabling Good Lives principles that support people with a disability to make decisions about the kind of life they want.


9 Mar 2018

This inquiry considered key issues relating to diagnostic imaging services, including geographic disparities, Commonwealth subsidies, the costs for non-subsidised services, and how governments can improve accessibility to these essential services.

Journal article

10 Dec 2017

This study examines the association between health enhancing and threatening, and social and physical aspects of the neighbourhood environment and general practitioner (GP) assessed morbidity, in order to find out whether the effects of environmental characteristics add up or modify each other.

Briefing paper

21 Apr 2017

Responding to the needs of people who are most at risk of poor health outcomes is a priority for governments and communities across Australia. While definitions vary, there is widespread agreement in the literature that the commissioning of health services is more than traditional planning,...


12 Apr 2017


The 2016 National Social Housing Survey (NSHS) is the most recent in a series of surveys of social housing tenants. The 2016 NSHS sampled tenants in public housing, community housing and state owned and managed Indigenous housing (SOMIH) between April and June...

Discussion paper

27 Mar 2017

In 2016, the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria (ECCV) Policy Advisory Committee on Health and Wellbeing (PACHW) discussed increasing concerns by health services and multicultural advocates regarding the low levels of awareness among culturally diverse communities about the role and engagement of accredited interpreters....


14 Mar 2017


This is the second report on oral health services funded by the Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory Oral Health Program and the Northern Territory Remote Aboriginal Investment Oral Health Program (NTRAI OHP). It covers the period from July 2012 to December...


14 Mar 2017


This report presents information on ear and hearing health outreach services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people in the Northern Territory. The Australian Government funded these programs and the Northern Territory Government delivered them.

Service delivery...


17 Feb 2017

The AMA public hospital report card presents key data on public hospitals published by the Commonwealth, year on year. It uses this published data to assess the performance and capacity of our public hospitals to meet the community’s need for hospital services.

The AMA...

Journal article

10 Feb 2017


Quality practice of consumer engagement is still in its infancy in many sectors of medical research. The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) identified, early in its development, the opportunity to integrate evidence-driven consumer and community engagement into its operations....


15 Dec 2016

This report provides disability service providers and funders of capability building with insights into organisations’ preparedness for the NDIS, their perceptions of existing NDIS readiness offers and opportunities to supplement those offers.


30 Nov 2016

The purpose of this project has been to engage key stakeholders in the use of aggregate continuous quality improvement data to identify and address system-wide evidence-practice gaps in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Acute Rheumatic Heart Disease/ and Rheumatic Heart Disease care. We sought to...


28 Nov 2016


This report uses a new measure developed by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare—the Geographically-adjusted Index of Relative Supply (GIRS)—to examine the geographic supply of the clinical health workforce in seven key professions with particular relevance to Indigenous Australians. These professions...


17 Nov 2016

Emergency departments are a critical component of Australia's health-care system, providing care for patients who require urgent attention. This report presents information on the Australian public hospitals that have purpose-built emergency departments staffed 24 hours a day, which reported to the National Non-Admitted Patient Emergency...



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