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12 Dec 2018

The national broadcasters are operating in a manner consistent with the general principles of competitive neutrality. However, changes should be made to increase the transparency of their business activities, and how they consider issues of competitive neutrality and their participation in media markets.

Discussion paper

28 Sep 2018

In previous eras, both sides of politics made inappropriate partisan appointments to the ABC board. Despite the ‘arm’s length, merit based’ reforms made in 2013, the appointment process has once again become deeply politicised. Basic governance standards are being breached.

Audio interview

27 Sep 2018

Media commentators and business people are dismayed that the ABC has been embroiled itself in a crisis. Even though Justin Milne has now resigned as chairman, the journalists' union still believes the leadership crisis at the ABC can only be resolved with a comprehensive public...


26 Sep 2018

The ABC affair – which began with the sacking of Michelle Guthrie - spun out of control on Wednesday, following the leaking to Fairfax Media of a highly damaging email, showing Justin Milne's editorial interference.


26 Sep 2018

Australia's international broadcasting service should be rebuilt to become again an important foreign policy instrument, to promote Australia's interests, influence and values in the Asia-Pacific, according to this report.


24 Sep 2018

The departure of Michelle Guthrie exposes the weakness of the current ABC board and its strategy, writes Margaret Simons.


20 Sep 2018

Under-investment, inconsistent government decision-making and strategic missteps by the national broadcaster have plagued Australia's efforts in international broadcasting for more than a decade. This is despite it being a potent tool for diplomacy in a region that is fast becoming a major focus for world...


5 Sep 2018

The ABC is experimenting with ways of deepening its coverage of regional Australia.

Other text

13 Aug 2018

The federal government will again review the efficiency of the national broadcasters—the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Special Broadcasting Service—ahead of their next round of funding. The Commonwealth funds the national broadcaster on three year contracts and the next funding will be announced for the three...


13 Jul 2018

Editorial independence is hard won and under constant pressure from outside the newsroom. In public-sector broadcasting, the pressure comes from the federal government, which provides the funding and has powerful means of subjecting the broadcaster to intense political pressure, writes Denis Muller.

Briefing paper

11 Jul 2018

This Bill would amend the Act to insert the words ‘fair’ and ‘balanced’ into paragraph 8(1)(c). The amended Act would require the Board ‘to ensure that the gathering and presentation by the Corporation of news and information is fair, balanced, accurate and impartial according to...


3 May 2018

The objective of the audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC’s) management of complaints.

Discussion paper

26 Apr 2018

This inquiry is operating in the context of rapidly changing media markets. Boundaries between traditional media markets are dissolving, new platforms exist for distributing news and entertainment, and revenue streams are changing. Consumers are adopting new forms of media rapidly, and the increased competition between...

Policy report

16 Mar 2018

This review was undertaken by the Editorial Policies team as an exercise to identify and compare the story choices being made by the ABC, the SBS and the free-to-air commercial services in key morning (radio) and evening (television) news bulletins.


13 Oct 2017

Michelle Guthrie’s vision for ABC current affairs is a mixed bag - with the history missing, writes Jane Goodall.

Working paper

29 Jun 2017

This paper focuses on the ABC's first year under its new Managing Director against the backdrop of its recent history.

Blog post

19 Jun 2017

Graeme Dobell identifies flaws in the ABC's decision to turn off Australia’s shortwave service that broadcasts to northern Australia and the South Pacific.


19 Jun 2017

This essay examines the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's history, purpose, and potential future direction.


4 May 2017

A visitor to this country over the past week might wonder where, or in what year, he or she has landed. It’s now nine sleeps since ANZAC Day 2017, and hundreds of articles and hours of rolling outrage have been expended on a few words...


1 May 2017

Over the last sixty years Australia has developed an effective public policy framework that strategically connects Australian broadcasters, Australian screen content and an independent production and creative sector that produces it. Yet the ABC, Australia’s most important cultural institution, operates outside of this framework. Using...



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