Religion and civil society


11 Jan 2019

This paper reports on an action learning project undertaken by the Sexual Rights in Development Community of Practice in recognition of the challenges and possibilities that this acknowledgment might present for ACFID members.


13 Dec 2018

In late 2017, an expert panel was established to examine whether Australian law adequately protects the human right to freedom of religion. This report was delivered to the Australian government in May 2018 and has now finally been released.


26 Nov 2018

The recent public debate on the matters being considered in this inquiry has been prompted, in the most immediate sense, by the disclosure of certain recommendations in a review on religious freedom commissioned by the federal government.


Guidance for effective approaches to collaborations with Churches in the Pacific for development research
2 Nov 2018

This guide is a practical resource to assist Australian-based researchers and Australian and international development organisations. The guide is designed to support good practice for research partnerships with Churches in the Pacific, where the aim of the research is to generate evidence that influences policy...


26 Jul 2018

This publication is an edited transcript featuring the remarks made by John Howard at the launch of The Centre for Independent Studies’ Culture, Prosperity and Civil Society Program on 10 July 2018.


20 Jun 2018

In her 2018 Acton Lecture , Debra Mullins, a Supreme Court of Queensland judge, engaged with the increasing hostility confronting religious believers — particularly Christians — when they leave the privacy of their homes and venture into the public square. In particular, she examined the...


What a supply-side analysis of religion might reveal about the place of religion in Australia
12 Jun 2018

Religion is not dead, and non-belief is not the new normal. Affirmation of religion’s significance through a supply-side analysis can, in turn, serve to strengthen contemporary calls for more adequate protections for religious liberty, which have come under threat in Australia in recent times.


31 May 2018

This research is the first in a series of reports from a new national organisation called SEIROS. It includes leaders and representatives from different religious traditions, academics and policy makers.

Audio interview

19 Feb 2018

When Ireland legalised same-sex marriage in 2015, conservatives were concerned it would impact on religious freedom.


20 Sep 2017

This occasional paper sets out to develop an alternative engaged theory of religion and secularity.


15 Jun 2017

This report, commissioned by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, examines the Bendigo mosque protests in 2016.


CIS Occasional Paper 154
10 Jun 2017

This paper sets out to examine some of the key problems religious violence poses for western, liberal societies.


A national study on religion, spirituality and worldview trends
10 May 2017

This report from a survey of 1,024 Australians shows that religion in Australia is not dead.


3 Apr 2017

A recent vicious attack on a 17-year-old asylum seeker in Croydon has drawn widespread condemnation and is being investigated as a hate crime. It follows a spike in hate crimes following the Brexit vote in June 2016 which brought the issue of ethnic and racial...


12 Feb 2016


God appears to be resurgent in 21st century societies around the world. As our awareness of the claims made by religion becomes more acute, it is ever more important to understand those claims as well as the challenges and contributions religious belief...

Blog post

2 Sep 2015

Recently, I presented a paper, ‘Religious Communities in Societies: Muslim Women’s Position’, at the XXI World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions in Erfurt, Germany, 23–29 August 2015. The congress was held at the University of Erfurt.

About 1400 people...


25 Jun 2015

AUSTRALIAN MUSLIMS: A BRIEF OVERVIEW: Contact between Muslim Indonesian fishermen from Southern Sulawesi and Indigenous people in northern Australia from around the 1750s is the earliest evidence of a Muslim connection in Australia. However, it was not until the 1860s with the arrival of...



28 Feb 2012

Why are people afraid of burqas? For many, the answer is quite simple: they pose a threat to public safety because they might be used to disguise criminal intent. What seems like a pious woman might really be an Islamist man; there could be grenades...


20 Jan 2010

Attacks on Christian churches in Malaysia tell us more about shifting political faultlines than about religious attitudes, writes Amrita Malhi in Inside Story.

THE GROUND FLOOR of a three-storey building on a busy corner stands gutted by fire, as cars and pedestrians stream by....

Discussion paper

6 Mar 2009

Life for former Catholic Church nuns who leave their order is often a sorry story of poverty, mental and physical ill health, social isolation and emotional pain, according to this report, which examines the experiences of nuns after leaving religious life, and uncovers systemic issues...



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