Job creation


21 Nov 2018

This paper argues that between 18,000 and 59,000 construction and installation jobs could be created if the Australian Energy Market Operator’s Integrated System Plan ‘fast scenario’ on renewable transition is adopted. It would see around 53% of capacity from renewable energy by 2030.


25 Oct 2018

Amid Greater Sydney’s growth in the knowledge economy, the story and importance of our industrial and urban services activities get somewhat overlooked. Data actually tells us that the industrial and urban services sector is growing; becoming more efficient and adaptable, providing more jobs and making...

Discussion paper

1 Aug 2018

In this work we offer an open and data-driven skills taxonomy, which is independent of ESCO and O*NET, two popular available taxonomies that are expert-derived. Since the taxonomy is created in an algorithmic way without expert elicitation, it can be quickly updated to reflect changes...


26 Jun 2018

We live in a society, not an economy. And while most of us have to work to live, we should never be living just to work. Good work can help us lead a good life. However, for many people work is now insecure, unfulfilling and...


1 Aug 2017

This interim report from the Circular Head Regional Economic Development Working Group outlines the actions taken to support diversification, job creation and economic development in the Circular Head region.


Report of the 2015-2016 Study Panel
6 Sep 2016

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a science and a set of computational technologies that are inspired by—but typically operate quite differently from—the ways people use their nervous systems and bodies to sense, learn, reason, and take action. While the rate of progress in AI has been...


27 May 2016

2016 election Liberal Party policy on the importance of innovation in relation to jobs and growth. Innovation is an important part of the Coalition’s economic plan for jobs and growth. Businesses that invest in innovation are more competitive and more likely to grow and employ...


27 May 2016

Trade and investment create job opportunities for Australians. More than 450,000 jobs have been created since the Coalition came to government.

We delivered break-through free trade agreements with China, Japan and South Korea and upgraded our free trade agreement with Singapore. These free trade...


25 May 2016

Australia needs to improve its trade performance. As the Australian economy transitions out of the mining boom we need to find alternative sources of growth and jobs. Lifting – and diversifying – our export performance will be an important part of this strategy. That is...


20 May 2016

We are delivering over 15,000 additional new, real jobs for South Australia including:

our decision to build 12 submarines will create 1,100 direct submarine building jobs in Adelaide and a further 1,700 jobs in various parts of the supply chain around the country, including...


19 May 2016

We need a plan to address the challenges posed by a changing climate and create new opportunities for our businesses and industry – and secure the jobs of the future.

To achieve this, a Shorten Labor Government will establish a Strategic Industries Taskforce to...


17 Mar 2016

There has been a continuing, strong debate about the size of the gig economy and the pay earned by gig economy workers—specifically as gig work scope and pay relates to Uber, the leading gig economy firm. The debate has been fueled by a number of...


6 Sep 2015

Connectivity, entrepreneurialism and a rising population will shape three million new jobs by 2030, argues a new study by Bernard Salt which has uncovered the distinct skill sets which represent Australia’s future jobs in the digital age.

Developed by KPMG Demographics and commissioned by...


1 Jun 2015

Employment in Australia seems to be disappearing—and yet Australians are expected to work both more productively and for longer. This raises the question: where will all the jobs come from?

Melbourne-based computer programmer Geoff Hudson suggests an entirely new framework for talking about employment...


Why the UK needs 1 million new creative jobs by 2030 and what the government can do about it
1 Apr 2015

The UK’s strong current growth performance compared with other countries must not detract from her deep–seated structural problems: namely, her low investment in skills, infrastructure and innovation. As a consequence of these problems, productivity – output per hour worked – is 17 per cent lower...



19 Mar 2015

A whacking stick is not enough to get young people into work

Kristy Muir; Abigail Powell, and Rose Butler

Australia’s young people are facing some urgent problems. The unemployment rate of 15 to 24-year-olds, at a staggering 13.9%, is more than double the...


9 Mar 2015

The McClure review of Australia’s welfare system, whose final report (0) the federal government recently released, proposed an “investment approach” to welfare. This approach was taken explicitly from reforms in New Zealand that were introduced in 2012 and 2013.

The aim of the investment...

Discussion paper

30 Jul 2014

This discussion paper, Building Australia’s Comparative Advantages , builds on the work of the BCA’s 2013 Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity.

It seeks to start a conversation about what it will take to build an innovative economy, foster globally competitive industries and identify the...


11 May 2007

The recruitment business landscape has changed remarkably over the past decade. The industry has grown rapidly, diversifying its services and making record profits year on year. The war for talent, the growing importance of soft skills, the drive for efficiency and the need for flexibility...



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