8 Nov 2018

Presentation from Society 4.0 Forum, held in Melbourne in November 2018, which scrutinised some of the key issues that relate to the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0.

How can we design ethical data governance, information systems and analytics that involve citizen and service...


15 Oct 2018

This statistical snapshot outlines the decline in union membership in Australia over the past forty years using the latest data available and considers possible reasons for the decline.

Discussion paper

10 Jun 2018

This paper shows why trade unions and collective bargaining are good for workers and good for the economy. It shows how the decline of the union movement has contributed to a growing power imbalance in the economy and to soaring inequality.

Discussion paper

1 Jun 2018

The story of the emergence of a new trade union for artists – Artists’ Union England – is the subject of this edition of CAMEo Cuts.

As a founder member of the Union, artist Angela Kennedy offers an insight into the thinking and organisation...


29 Nov 2017

This report highlights the need for reform to the superannuation system to ensure that governance structures are such that fund members’ interests are protected.

Journal article

24 Nov 2017

This article seeks to analyse and assess regulatory responses to trade union corruption. It attempts to establish the extent of the problem which these new laws are intended to address, and to determine whether they are therefore necessary or, as many critics of the Royal...


18 Aug 2017

The Andrews Labor Government has introduced the Firefighters’ Presumptive Rights Compensation and Fire Services Legislation Amendment (Reform) Bill 2017 to among other things, restructure Victoria’s fire services.


26 Jul 2017

Did you know that the seventh most expensive building in the world is being built right here in Australia? No, it’s not a giant apartment block on the Gold Coast. It’s not a flashy new casino. It’s not even the recently announced hotel and apartment...



17 Mar 2017

Sally McManus, the new secretary of the ACTU, has copped a caning for asserting on ABC TV’s 7.30 that it is legitimate to break the law in some circumstances. The example she gave was of trade unionists laying down tools at an unsafe worksite, and...


31 Oct 2016


In August, the Centre for Labour, Employment and Work (CLEW) at Victoria University released their annual analysis of collective employment agreements (CEAs)1 . It shows again that people who are part of a collective do better in pay rises. In this commentary...


12 Oct 2016

A former Emergency Services Minister in a Victorian Labor government is calling for a backflip on the controversial CFA/MFB dispute. Andre Haermeyer says the current government has given too much ground to the firefighters' union, and a new deal for paid firefighters risks public safety....



12 Sep 2016

Most Sydneysiders and millions of tourists know The Rocks as a historic precinct in which it is possible to have a good night out while enjoying the ambience of a genuine nineteenth-century townscape – all within a stone’s throw of the harbour and the CBD....

Audio interview

5 Sep 2016

A former union official, Grace Collier, has called for greater scrutiny of 'deals' between unions and employers, which leave some workers worse off. Recently the Coles group had an enterprise agreement struck out because it disadvantaged some workers.

Collier, now a private consultant, says...


1 Jun 2016

An industrial fight between retail workers and their union is escalating. The Fair Work Commission has ruled that a workplace agreement, struck between a union and Coles, means some workers are worse-off than if they were under the award wage. Now, a worker from Woolworths...


18 Apr 2016

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he will call a double dissolution election if the Senate fails to pass the Government's legislation to restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission (the ABCC).

Federal Employment Minister, Michaelia Cash, told a media conference on April 7...

Audio interview

6 Apr 2016

The Federal court will today hear an application from the Transport Workers Union to reinstate a minimum pay order for truck drivers. The new minimum pay rates were set to come in this week but a business group successfully argued for an injunction, saying the...


4 Mar 2016

Throughout the developed world, there has been a trend over recent decades towards union consolidation. In rare cases, as in Australia in the early 90’s, this was a conscious movement-wide strategy, supported by legislation and even government funding. There were nearly 200 federally registered unions...


28 Dec 2015

Royal Commissioner John Dyson Heydon AC QC delivered his Final Report to the Governor General on 28 December 2015.

The Final Report has been tabled in Parliament.

The report concludes the Commission's national inquiry into trade union governance and corruption which began on...



31 Aug 2015

Judges take a risk when they step outside the courtroom to play the role of royal commissioner

Dyson Heydon wasn’t the first royal commissioner to face allegations of bias, and he’s unlikely to be the last. Other commissioners, especially in Queensland, have fallen...


16 Nov 2014

The Government has introduced new labour laws that strengthen the hand of employers, despite New Zealand having some of the most flexible employment rules in the developed world.

Employers say the bargaining process has become unnecessarily protracted and costly.

They say the changes...



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