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27 Feb 2019

The latest report from this longitudinal study of Australian school leaders finds that many are experiencing bullying, intimidation, and high levels of stress.

Discussion paper

30 Jan 2019

Based on an analysis of end-of-school measures of student achievement from 1,600 schools in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, this paper concludes that Australia's school system is increasingly separating and dividing students by advantage and achievement.

Journal article

5 Jul 2018

While relocatable, prefabricated learning environments have formed an important component of school infrastructure in Australia, prefabrication for permanent school buildings is a new and emerging field. This review of prefabrication for schools is timely. In 2017, Australia’s two largest state education departments committed to prefabrication...


1 Feb 2018

This chapter focuses on performance information for government-funded school education in Australia.


6 Dec 2017

The objective of the audit was to assess the arrangements established by the Department of Education and Training to monitor the impact of Australian government school funding.


14 Aug 2017

This report finds that although there are comparatively few formal expulsions from Victorian government schools every year, for those students who are expelled, this is a significant punishment which can have a profound impact on their lives.


29 Jun 2017

This report reveals teachers are concerned about the influence commercialisation is having in schools.


24 May 2017

The National Report on Schooling in Australia 2014 is an annual report on Australia’s school education sector. It has been produced by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) on behalf of the Education Council.


11 May 2017

In this audit, the Victorian Auditor-General assessed whether the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) is effectively planning for and managing school infrastructure.

Technical report

4 May 2017

This audit commends NSW's plan for school infrastructure, but says there will be challenges to implementation.


14 Feb 2017

The highlight of the TJ Ryan Foundation’s 3rd anniversary event was a keynote address from Dr Ken Boston, former Director-General of Education in South Australia and New South Wales, and member of the Gonski Review panel. Dr Boston spoke on the topic of 'Gonski Report:...


1 Feb 2017

Schools in Australia and New Zealand set off in opposite directions in the 1970s. Tom Greenwell looks at where they have ended up.

The story is familiar enough. An opposition leader seeks to modernise his party by transcending the old ideological opposition between state...


29 Sep 2016

Federal minister Simon Birmingham has fired the first shots in the latest battle of the school funding wars. Here’s Inside Story ’s short guide to the terrain

1. Has Australia been spending more and more on schools? Yes, and no. Over the past...


21 Sep 2016

With education ministers meeting this week to discuss school funding, a close look at the figures reveals large differences between states and sectors

IT’S HARD to imagine that travellers between Sydney and Melbourne once had to stop at a customs post at the...



15 Jul 2016

Australia’s schools are not keeping up with the best in the world. There is a real problem, and governments must act. But the newly elected Coalition government must tread a fine line: good Commonwealth policy will not save Australia’s schools, but poor policy will damage...


7 Jun 2016

This report analyses NAPLAN results, rates of suspension and exclusion, rates of disability and attendance figures to see how well children in out of home care are doing.

Among its key messages, it calls for attention be paid to the circumstances of SA Government...


1 May 2016

A strong and sustainable schooling system that ensures all children receive an excellent education matters for Australia’s future.

Strong education outcomes result in better work and life opportunities for us all as individuals and benefit Australia more broadly through improvements to national productivity, workforce...

Briefing paper

14 Jan 2016

The $7 billion needed for the Federal Government to fund the last two years of the Gonski plan can be easily financed. The Government has a potential revenue pool of at least $34 billion a year by reducing several tax concessions to high income earners...


28 Aug 2015

Previous analysis by the Mitchell Institute has shown a clear disjuncture in Australia’s expenditure on education and training, with spending on schooling and higher education far outstripping spending on vocational education and training.

One year on, this trend has intensified.



26 Aug 2015

The Victorian Government will no longer allow special religious education—known elsewhere in Australia as scripture—to be taught during lesson time in the state’s public primary schools.

Since the 1950s, it’s had a small place in the official timetable. But now lessons specific to one...



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