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12 Dec 2018

Adoptions Australia 2017–18, the 28th report in the series, covers the latest data on adoptions of Australia children and children from overseas, and highlights important trends in the number of adoptions dating back to 1993–94.

Literature review

1 Nov 2018

Knowledge and research are very limited around services and supports which promote successful reunifications. Furthermore, assessments of effectiveness generally use ‘rate of reunification’ as their primary outcome measure and do not monitor program impact after children have been returned. Given the high level of reunification...

Literature review

1 Nov 2018

There is growing evidence that reunifying children with their birth families is often unsuccessful. UK figures suggest that around 30 percent of reunified children will return to care within five years. Insights from evaluations of successful reunification programs are needed to develop effective reunification practices,...


10 Sep 2018

This report looks at the nature and extent of income and housing challenges faced by Tasmanian families who have had their children removed by Child Safety Services.


Findings from the Early Intervention Research Directorate desktop evaluations
16 Apr 2018

Professor Leah Bromfield, Co-Director at the Australian Centre for Child Protection presented the findings from the EIRD Desktop Evaluations.

Journal article

1 Mar 2018

This study examined the scaling of the Aboriginal-developed Family Wellbeing (FWB) program, that spread nationally to sixty known sites and was delivered to more than 3,500 participants.


21 Feb 2018

This paper is part 3 in a series on reunification for children in out-of-home care. It describes selected research which has documented factors which predict reunification breakdowns and considers ways in which reunification decision-making can be improved.


31 Jan 2018

The social sector needs to take notice of this growing field that is driving better interventions in health, education, and human services. Nick Perini from SVA Consulting talks to Robyn Mildon, Executive Director of the Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI), to find out why....


Recommendations for an accessible, equitable and responsive family law system which better prioritises safety of those affected by family violence
7 Dec 2017

This report provides a vision for a new family law system that is accessible, equitableand responsive and prioritises the safety of those affected by family violence.


1 Dec 2017

The safe reunification of children in out-of-home care with their families is the policy priority in every Australian state. However knowledge and research in this area is very limited. This summary outlines research on reunification success rates and the consequences of reunification failure.


1 Dec 2017

This paper describes the number of children entering and leaving care and time taken to reunification. It describes child and family factors that make it more or less likely that reunification will occur.

Technical report

23 Nov 2017

This report sets out the background, methodology and findings from the 2016 administration of the Parenting Today in Victoria survey involving 2600 parents of children aged zero through 18 years, residing in the state of Victoria.


9 Nov 2017

Oranga Tamariki aims to put children’s and young people’s needs at the centre. Children and young people need different responses depending on their circumstances and characteristics.


6 Oct 2017

This report from the Queensland government provides a progress update of the child and family support reform program.


8 Sep 2017

Information sharing has been at the heart of the Troubled Families programme from the start, providing the intelligence local programmes need to identify families, understand their needs and demonstrate their progress. Local authorities depend on local public services providing access to their data and intelligence...


19 Jun 2017

This guideline is specifically targeted toward specialist family violence services and mainstream or universal services that provide crisis response and recovery services and accommodation, including men’s behaviour change programs.


A reflective practice resource and toolkit for services providing intensive and targeted support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families
10 Jun 2017

This publication is intended as a reflective practice resource and toolkit for services providing support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.


29 Mar 2017

The objective of this report, commissioned by Family and Relationship Services Australia (FRSA), was to begin a national conversation as to how investing in coordinated strategies to increase family-based prevention and early intervention services can be utilised in Australia to better address priority health and...


15 Dec 2016

Frontline child protection work is highly stressful, emotionally taxing and, at times, can result in secondary trauma. Additionally, statutory child protection organisations consistently experience high turnover and staff shortages, creating adverse workplace cultures and extra stress for their workforce. Consequently, there is a growing recognition...

Journal article

11 Nov 2016

This Research to Practice issue explores the challenges experienced by refugee families resettling in Australia; the informal and formal supports they access and barriers to these supports; the characteristics of supportive services and implications for policy and practice.

It was based on a study...



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