Forests and Forestry

Discussion paper

17 Feb 2019

The discussion document outlines proposed changes and seeks public comment to achieve better outcomes for NZ Crown pastoral land in the South Island high country.


5 Sep 2018

The projects in this booklet show there is an extensive and practical body of knowledge on climate change and that this knowledge stems from some of the best and brightest of New Zealand's primary sector scientists.

Discussion paper

14 Aug 2018

The government wants to simplify the way the ETS works for forestry participants, increase afforestation and enable more flexibility in the scheme rules to support the right trees being planted, in the right place, for the right purpose. There are opportunities to improve the ETS...

Discussion paper

8 Jun 2018

On behalf of the Minister of Forestry and the Minister for Climate Change, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is consulting on a set of twelve improvements to forestry regulations in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS).


1 Jun 2018

This is the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) tenth statutory Progress Report to Parliament – an important moment to reflect on the UK's achievements in tackling climate change to date. 2018 also marks the tenth year since the Climate Change Act came into force and,...


24 Apr 2018

This report outlines how more than one million hectares of woody vegetation, an area more than seven times larger than the size of Queensland’s capital, has been cleared between 2012-13 and 2015-16.


31 Oct 2017

This report looks at the important and complex areas of supply of timber to industry and compliance with regulatory standards in Victoria.

Working paper

3 Aug 2017

This paper describes the policy changes to the New Zealand emissions trading scheme (ETS) since 2008 that directly affect forestry; assesses the effectiveness of the scheme; explores who is benefiting from it; and outlines issues facing forestry in the ETS moving forward.


20 Apr 2017


This guide provides a quick overview of data sources for key statistics relating to the Forestry sector–production, trade and employment. Two primary sources of relevant statistics are released regularly. ABARES (the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences) publishes Australian...


2 Feb 2017

This working paper sets out the case for a world-pioneering Permanent Forest Bond which belongs to the wider classes of green and climate-aligned bonds. The innovation is not only to fill a funding gap for budget-constrained government entities, it is to shift the environmental spending...


20 May 2016

Sustainable plantations, farm forestry and recycled fibre coupled with innovation and processing are the solution to meeting our wood product needs. The Greens want to see a thriving wood products industry in Australia that does not source timber from destructive native forest logging practices. With...


30 Nov 2015


This monograph presents the results of archaeological research that takes a longitudinal approach to interpreting and understanding Aboriginal–European contact. It focuses on a small but unique area of tropical rainforest in far north Queensland’s Wet Tropics Bioregion, located within the traditional lands...


30 Nov 2015

This study was commissioned by Oji Fibre Solutions (OjiFS) 1 and the Waikato Regional Council to provide sound evidence about the effects of land use in New Zealand using the dairy and forestry industries in the Central North Island (CNI) as a case study. The...


11 Nov 2015

This innovative interdisciplinary study focuses on the history, science, and policy of tree planting and water conservation in South Africa. South Africa’s forestry sector has sat—often controversially—at the crossroads of policy and scientific debates regarding water conservation, economic development, and biodiversity protection. Bennett and Kruger...



23 Aug 2015

Victoria's state emblem, the Leadbeater's possum, is one of the most critically endangered animals in Australia. Fire and logging have decimated its habitat, causing Leadbeater's numbers to plummet. A fierce and secretive political debate is now raging over whether the possum and the industry can...

Journal article

2 Aug 2014

Tropical deforestation such as in the Amazon can be studied well from a green criminological perspective, argues this paper, giving an account of various ethnographic visits to the rainforests of the Amazon in the period 2003-2014.


Tropical deforestation such as in...


1 Jan 2013

Plan was developed to help protect the quality of water in Hester Dam and safeguard it for drinking water supply.

The important recomendations in this plan are to:

amend the boundary of the Bridgetown Catchment Area and rename it the Hester Dam catchment...


1 Jan 2013

This issue of the Australian Forest and Wood Products Statistics (AFWPS) includes updated Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) trade data for the March and June quarters of 2013, as well as 2012-13 data for housing and forestry employment. This release includes a summary of the...


1 Jan 2013

This report outlines a new methodology used to determine national forest cover statistics for Australia's National Forest Inventory (NFI). The area of forest cover provides the footprint against which many other indicators of sustainable forest management are reported, including forest type and tenure, forest fragmentation,...



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