Industrial safety


13 Mar 2019

The Northern Territory government has released this six-month review of the Territory’s workplace regulator, NT WorkSafe. The review examined present policies, procedures and activities, and considers how best practices can be implemented to support staff and the industry.


13 Dec 2018

This strategy document sets out the New Zealand government’s vision for improving health and safety at work across New Zealand over the next ten years.


24 Oct 2018

This inquiry was initiated to examine options for greater involvement by private sector life insurers in worker rehabilitation, including support after return to work, with particular reference to the interaction of Income Protection (IP) insurance and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance with State, Territory,...


23 Oct 2018

This report provides a comprehensive summary of the 2018 National Return to Work survey responses. The survey is undertaken on a biannual basis and compares the return to work experiences and outcomes of injured workers against a number of variables, including returning to work, workplace...


17 Oct 2018

The human impact of an industrial death is catastrophic and far-reaching. For the families and friends of those individuals killed at work, the terrible and profound human cost and associated consequences they must suffer is lifelong.


23 Aug 2018

This report recognises that an effective work health and safety (WHS) regime, which promotes continuous improvement of safety performance, is a vital contributor to the future success of the offshore petroleum industry.


26 Jul 2018

The Return to Work Act 2014 established a scheme to support workers and employers when a work injury occurs. An independent review of the Act must be carried out after three years of its commencement. This report is the result of that review.

Draft report

27 Apr 2018

This draft Health and Safety at Work Strategy sets out a plan for improving health and safety at work over the next ten years.

Discussion paper

19 Feb 2018

This discussion paper has been developed to inform a public consultation process in the first half of 2018. Comments received during public consultation will be used to inform a written report which will, if supported by relevant evidence, make recommendations to improve the model work...

Journal article

7 Dec 2017

Agriculture is one of the most hazardous industry, but new research shows there has been no improvement in work-related fatality rates in the sector in NSW for at least 15 years.


9 Nov 2017

This report covers work-related injury by providing information on two sets of hospitalised cases. The first is hospitalised cases funded by workers’ compensation. The second, which overlaps with the first, is hospitalised injury cases where the injury was reported as having occurred while the patient...


14 Jul 2017

This report highlights the true "health" in the health and safety of the tunnel construction industry.


11 Jul 2017

The New Zealand construction industry is comprised of a diverse workforce with a substantial number of Pacific Island workers whose employment is more often than not precarious in nature (Lamm et al., 2010). Government statistics also indicate that Pacific Island construction workers are over-represented in...


12 May 2017

The Road transport industry profile contains summary data relating to injuries incurred by workers employed in the road transport industry as well as work-related fatalities.

Working paper

1 Dec 2016

There are an estimated 67 million domestic workers globally, 80% of whom are women. Many of them work in low-paid, insecure and exploitative conditions. Technology-focused companies linking households to domestic workers through ‘on-demand’ platforms are attempting to disrupt the traditional sector, claiming to offer rapidly...

Discussion paper

1 Apr 2016

Companies often have a safety value. But what is the value of a "value" statement without the means to deliver?


15 Aug 2015

A survey of FIFO workers to canvass information relating to working conditions, redundancies, shift and roster patterns, employer support, relationships, R & R and mental health.

Journal article

4 Dec 2014

This issue of Policy Quarterly features two symposia, the first dealing with New Zealand’s regulatory system and the second that discussed the NZ Constitutional Advisory Panel report’s recommendations including amending the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.

The system for assuring high quality...

Journal article

4 Dec 2014

Regulation is a fact of life. It affects the food we eat, the safety of our workplace, the goods and services we buy and sell and the quality of our natural environment. It plays an important role in guarding New Zealanders from harm, protecting our...

Journal article

4 Dec 2014

The importance of an ‘efficient and effective regulatory environment’ (Offices of the Ministers of Finance and Regulatory Reform, 2013) has never been more prominent in New Zealand than it is at the present time. The New Zealand Productivity Commission’s Regulatory Institutions and Practices report, which...



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