Policy report

25 Jul 2019

This communique was ratified by a diverse representation of people living with dementia, families and carers, at a national Consumer Summit on 26 June 2019.


Submission to the Independent Review of Nursing Education
7 Jun 2019

The purpose of this submission is to makes a series of recommendations specific to the Review's Terms of Reference with respect to the: "educational preparation required for nurses to meet future health, aged care and disability needs of the Australian community including clinical training".


3 May 2019

The National Aged Care Survey was undertaken by the ANMF of staff working in residential and community aged care, to ascertain their concerns, experiences and views about working in the aged care sector. This survey follows up on a 2016 survey of staff and community...

Briefing paper

4 Feb 2019

Essentially, this Bill aims to improve nurse and midwife to patient ratios in various clinical settings within Victorian public hospitals.


22 Jan 2019

This chapter focuses on government funded care and support services for older people and their carers, which are provided at home, in the community and in residential care facilities.

Fact sheet

1 Jan 2019

This fact sheet examines the aged care sector in Australia. It presents an overview of current policy, workforce and service providers and highlights areas for further research.


21 Jun 2018

The aim of this report is to determine how far new healthcare information technology has changed in the past six years and how skills and attitudes within community services have adapted to these changes.


Proposals for transparency on government spending
2 May 2018

The chronic staffing crisis in Australia’s aged care system has led to dangerous workloads for nurses and carers resulting, too often, in missed care for vulnerable nursing home residents. This report finds that the big, 'for-profit' providers, clearly have the financial capacity to improve staffing...


15 Apr 2018

Finding that most seniors receiving aged care at home think workers treat them with respect, meet their personal care and support needs, and are well trained, this report also argues that better coordination between home care and health services is required, along with improvements to...


15 Feb 2018

This report is an evaluation of the New Zealand Nurse Practitioner Education programme. Overall the evaluation report is positive. Most students completed the course in the time required and achieved registration within three months of completion.


25 Jul 2016

This survey explored how funding cuts are, or would, impact the delivery of care in residential care facilities across the States and Territories, with the aim of gathering information to place aged care as a key election issue and gain the attention of voters, and...

Journal article

19 May 2016

This paper discusses young children's normal challenging behaviours and approaches to managing these.

Literature review

20 Apr 2016

This literature review investigates service delivery processes and strategies that are associated with better engagement of and outcomes for families and children who are experiencing adversity (often referred to as “vulnerable”). It was undertaken to inform the development of an Australian sustained nurse home visiting...


27 Jan 2016

Following on from the McKell Institute’s report on the economic impact of penalty rate cuts in Australia’s retail and hospitality industries, this report looks at the economic and health impacts of cutting penalty rates for nurses, midwives and aged care workers.

This report highlights...


17 Jul 2015

This report presents findings from a pilot study to identify current Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) and Inclusive Teaching and Learning Practices in TAFE’s Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 Nursing). The findings provide an important insight into the current provision of foundation skills and bridging...


14 Jul 2015

Introduction: Nurses are the largest registered health professional workforce group in New Zealand. As at 1 March 2014 more than 51,000 nurses had a current practising certificate. Planning for the future of New Zealand’s nursing workforce is challenging, particularly because there is a lack...


17 Feb 2015

As a child and family health nurse, ‘working in partnership’, ‘strengths-based working’ and ‘family-centred’ approaches are likely to be familiar in your practice. These approaches have been both popular and accepted in healthcare for many years, and have well-recognised benefits for health and children’s developmental...


14 Nov 2014

This report presents the findings from the first two phases of evaluation of the new graduate nurse (NGN) employment scheme through the Very Low Cost Access (VLCA) initiative. Report findings highlight that: VLCA practices receiving 12 months funding for a NGN had high or very...


30 Oct 2014


The first annual Cancer Nurse Coordinator Initiative (CNCI) evaluation report has drawn on a number of data sources, including:

a specific Cancer Nurse Coordinator (CNC) database that provides information about the activity and function of the nurses a CNC online survey which...


9 Sep 2014

This report is an evaluation of a demonstration coordinated by Health Workforce New Zealand. The credential aims to recognise and boost the skills and knowledge of registered nurses who work with patients with mental health and addiction needs.

This evaluation report finds credentialing:...



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