16 Jan 2019

Spamming in texts or by robo-calls may seem perverse, but it's unlikely to disappear. Here are some things you can expect leading up to the May election, and why they're allowed.

Discussion paper

6 Dec 2018

This issues paper argues that the continued use of gender stereotypes and increasing reliance on images that sexualise and objectify women in advertisements undermines efforts to promote gender equality in Australia. The studies cited in this paper demonstrate that there is a clear business case...

Journal article

19 Oct 2018

This research argues that there is now a clear body of evidence that current regulatory systems for gambling advertising are ineffective, with further restrictions urgently needed across a range of media channels to prevent exposure to promotions that may encourage young people’s interest and involvement...


The political perils of online ad tech
17 Oct 2018

This report argues that today’s digital advertising infrastructure creates disturbing new opportunities for political manipulation and other forms of antidemocratic strategic communication.


15 Aug 2018

This study examined the impact of approaches to wagering marketing, including inducements, on vulnerable adults. Findings from the study show that wagering advertisements and inducements increase betting expenditure.


8 May 2018

In this rigorous and independent evaluation of Facebook’s new ad transparency plans, the authors of this report urge the company to improve its ad transparency tools to enable meaningful public scrutiny.


17 Mar 2018

Young people are more likely to start drinking alcohol earlier and at risky levels as a direct result of alcohol companies targeting them via advertising, this review by Curtin University has found.

Discussion paper

26 Feb 2018

The ACCC encourages submissions responding to this issues paper from market participants, including media content creators/journalists, media outlets, digital platforms, advertisers, consumers, small businesses and industry associations.


23 Jan 2018

This report argues that the central problem of disinformation corrupting American political culture is not Russian spies or a particular social media platform. The central problem is that the entire industry is built to leverage sophisticated technology to aggregate user attention and sell advertising.

Journal article

18 Oct 2017

This article argues that the time has come for the federal government to stand up to the gambling industry and sporting governing bodies and take action against the damaging influence of sports betting ads on Australian television.


4 Oct 2017

This report argues that the notion that large brands are dying is simply not true. Nor has the world fundamentally changed in a way that favours small brands over big.


Version 1 August 2017
21 Aug 2017

The ACCC has published this guidance for retail service providers on how to advertise speeds for fixed-line broadband services, including clearly identifying typical peak speeds.

Journal article

26 Jul 2017

This article argues that a public-health advocacy model to regulate alcohol advertising proves a success in WA and could be replicated elsewhere.


19 Mar 2017

Advertising is falling. Paywalls push readers away. But a big endowment from the tech moguls, to be shared among all papers, could work in everyone’s interests.

One basic truth is stark enough as newsrooms around Britain – and around the world – contract or...

Blog post

24 Feb 2017

In this second post in our blog series on 'fake news', Damian Tambini illustrates the underlying structures of the online advertising industry that make fake news lucrative.

One of the questions in the UK Parliament’s inquiry into 'fake news' asks: “Have changes in the...


20 Dec 2016

Data-driven marketing practices: Australian industry participants’ survey results report comprises the results of a survey commissioned by the ACMA to examine current data-driven marketing practices and trends.

Data-driven marketing and advertising includes any marketing communication that uses insights from data, including personal information,...



14 Dec 2016

With accelerated decline in print advertising and an increasingly challenging digital advertising environment, we have to ask what news will look like after advertising.

Since the rise of the penny press in the United States in the 1830s, advertising has been a central source...

Annual Report

5 Dec 2016

This annual report details campaigns undertaken by departments and agencies (non-corporate Commonwealth entities) under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) for which expenditure was greater than $250,000.

This report covers the period from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016...


10 Nov 2016

This research study investigates how Pacific Peoples of New Zealand perceive and interpret their cultural identity through targeted television health messages and advertising. These health messages which portray Pacific Peoples are sponsored by the New Zealand Government and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs). A brief review of...


19 Oct 2016

Audit approach

The objectives of the audit were to:

assess the effectiveness of the ongoing administration of the Australian Government’s campaign advertising framework; and assess the effectiveness of the selected entities’ administration in developing advertising campaigns and implementing key processes against the...



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