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3 Aug 2015

Australian Productivity Commission Chairman Peter Harris presents a talk about the draft recommendations from the Workplace Relations Framework public inquiry.


2 Jun 2015

The audit assessed the effectiveness of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s administration of enforceable undertakings.

Audit objective and criteria

The objective of the audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s administration of enforceable undertakings....


16 Apr 2015

Examines the increased risk of child and forced labour in the fashion industry, as many local companies are unable to trace or fail to monitor their supply chains.


It’s been two years since the fatal Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh,...


4 Mar 2015

This report argues that health and employment services should intervene earlier, involve key stakeholders and ensure they work together in order to help people with mental-health issues find work and stay in a job.


Provides a synthesis of the findings of...


20 Feb 2015

Explores the experiences and impacts of working in the Australian entertainment industry.

Executive summary Entertainment Assist is an Australian charity whose undertaking is to help people overcome the pitfalls of the Australian Entertainment Industry. Its mission is to champion generational change which would...


16 Feb 2015

In order to provide more detailed guidance to organisations regarding the risk management of bullying, this project took a fresh approach to understanding the organisational risk factors. First, we examined objective measures of job and organisational factors that may predict the likelihood of bullying at...

Audio interview

1 Dec 2014

Some people argue that right now Australian manufacturing is in decline. That Australian manufacturers have been plagued by high labour costs plus bad work and management practices. That employers are moving off shore and employment numbers are dwindling.

Might better business practises help boost...


19 Nov 2014

Presents information about persons aged 15 years and over who worked at some time in the last 12 months and experienced their most recent work-related injury or illness in that period.


11 Nov 2014

This report uses detailed analysis of the National Aged Care Workforce Census and Survey, 2012, to identify benchmarks of job quality for Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) and Community Care Workers (CCWs).

The purpose in identifying these job quality benchmarks is two-fold. Firstly, they allow...



6 Nov 2014

In the workplace, more so than society in general, mental illness continues to lurk quietly and relatively freely, writes Sam Ryan.


The workplace is a breeding ground for mental illness stigma: where increasing pressure (203) creates and exacerbates stress, and increasing...


19 Sep 2014

Explores the experiences of menopause for professional women as part of a broader appreciation of health and well-being in later life.

Executive summary

This report presents the key findings and recommendations of a research project entitled Women, Work and the Menopause: Releasing...

Journal article

26 Aug 2014

Age discrimination is often cited as a barrier to participation in work by older people, and the workplace provides the most common grounds for complaints of this nature. Age discrimination predominantly affects older rather than younger groups (although the latter are not exempt), and is...


1 Jun 2014

In this research, skills for sustainability are broadly conceived as including skills for social, economic and environmental sustainability – a triple bottom-line approach.

Since 2009 Australian governments have been implementing an agreement that embeds skills for sustainability into vocational education and training, despite scant...


29 May 2014

This literature review is intended to help establish a stronger forum of social housing asset managers across Australia and New Zealand.


For some years I have been involved with a group of Australian and New Zealand social housing asset managers from...


20 May 2014

This report outlines the technical background to the return on investment (ROI) analysis for creating a mentally healthy workplace. The aim of this analysis is to estimate the ROI for employers investing in a mentally healthy workplace. Accordingly, the analysis: estimates the cost to employers...


19 Aug 2013

This report examines 41 clothing companies operating in Australia and assesses what efforts they are undertaking to protect the workers in their supply chain from exploitation, forced labour and child labour.


In the wake of the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse...


14 Dec 2012

This thesis examines the socio-economy of smallholder sugar cane farms in Fiji with particular attention to the participation and experiences of women. There is also consideration of the involvement of other household members, especially children in the farm economy.

Questions concerning the study are;...


12 Jul 2012

This project described the quantity and patterns of drug and alcohol consumption among workers in the fishing and farming industries and identified strategies to reduce their risk of drug and alcohol related harm and improve workplace safety. One hundred and forty five farm and fishing...


16 May 2012

The last two decades in Australia has seen a dramatic decline in permanent work, and corresponding growth of insecure forms of employment, such as casual, contract work and labour hire. The full extent and impact of this shift on workers, their families and the Australian...


8 Dec 2011

In conducting the research, we used a multi-method approach from quantitative and qualitative data sources. We developed an instrument, the HSRQ ( Health and Safety Representative Questionnaire ) for assessing what HSRs do, what is effective and what is not effective and how others perceive...



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