Information policy

Discussion paper

4 Sep 2019

This discussion paper seeks views from all Australians about how to grow Australia’s cyber security and future prosperity.


Inquiry into the e-petitioning system of the House of Representatives Petitions Committee
29 May 2018

This report recommends that the Department of the House of Representatives, in conjunction with the Department of Parliamentary Services, work within existing resources to update the House e-petitions system and web page design to improve user experience and accessibility for all users.


11 May 2018

The ANAO chose to undertake this audit because effective personnel security arrangements underpin the protection of the Australian government’s people, information and assets, and the previous audit had identified deficiencies in the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency's performance.


29 Jun 2017

The aim of this project is to reduce reliance on emergency services, by educating and supporting the local community through its programme of healthy, safe and secure visits and organised events.


28 Sep 2016

Libraries have always been about preserving and giving access to information. In recent years, governments and others have made increasingly frequent statements stressing the contribution that allowing citizens to obtain and make use of knowledge on an equitable basis can make to a range of...

Position paper

20 Jun 2016

The Australian Computer Society, – the professional association for Australia’s ICT sector – has released its Federal Election Manifesto, identifying five key policy areas that must be addressed if Australia is to secure its economic future in the information age.

1. Digital skills...


24 May 2016

The Australian Federal election is likely to be dominated, understandably, by economic and social issues. But Australia’s security and foreign policy environment is marked by rapid change and complex uncertainty.

From terrorism to resource insecurity, from the assertive rise of China to the impact...


23 May 2016

This report has been prepared by Carolyn Adams (Macquarie University) and Krista Lee-Jones for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

It aims to identify aspects of information sharing frameworks that:

facilitate appropriate and timely information sharing between institutions and...


5 May 2016

In June 2014, the Australian National Audit Office tabled in Parliament ANAO Audit Report No.50 2013–14, Cyber Attacks: Securing Agencies’ ICT Systems . The report examined implementation of the mandatory strategies in the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM).

The Joint Committee of Public...



27 Apr 2016

Australia spends more than $30 billion a year on projects which produce 'grey literature' - documents which are produced by government departments, academic institutions, private companies and more. But despite all this effort, Australia lacks a standardised mechanism to curate and freely distribute grey literature....

Audio interview

21 Apr 2016

The Australian Government has admitted for the first time that it has the ability to launch cyber attacks. The statement is in a $230 million Cyber Security Strategy that will be launched by the Prime Minister today, aimed at beefing up the nation's defences against...


7 Mar 2016

This report presents data about ICT use and expenditure since 2008-09 by government entities.

The Australian Government introduced ICT Benchmarking in 2009. It is a requirement that Non-Corporate Commonwealth entities subject to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 participate in annual benchmarking...


31 Jan 2015

The ARC Open Access Policy took effect from 1 January 2013.

The Australian Government makes a major investment in research to support its essential role in improving the wellbeing of our society. To maximise the benefits from research, publications resulting from research activities must...


10 Sep 2013

Executive summary

This report is intended to be a practical, useful guide for stakeholders in national and local governments, the media, civil society, and business to making freedom of information laws work. The authors’ particular emphasis is on the role public officials and...


2 Aug 2013

This report reviews Australia's freedom of information laws and the extent to which they provide an effective framework for access to government information.

Summary of findings

The Review finds that the reforms have been operating as intended and have been generally well-received....


18 Apr 2012

The audit examined the extent to which the 11 Victorian public sector (VPS) departments and Victoria Police meet the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 1982. Freedom of Information (FOI) is a cornerstone of a thriving democracy. Since FOI legislation was introduced 30 years...


27 Jul 2011

The AGLS Victoria: Metadata Implementation Manual provides online content and web staff with guidance on how to ensure compliance with AS5044-2010, the Victorian Government Discoverability Standard and the requirements of the Victorian Information Management Framework (IMF).

The manual focuses on practical metadata implementation advice...


1 Jul 2011

This report on the information policy indicators reflects the key requirements for assessing national information policies, the telecommunication networks, the public- private partnerships and legislation and regulatory mechanisms that support information creation and dissemination, and the means by which they can be verified in building...

Briefing paper

9 Nov 2010

This paper gathers together Australian reports and developments that advance the creation of Australian Government Information Policy.

Information is a valuable and powerful resource and is at the heart of government.

Good government, sound policy and just decision-making demand that information is collected,...


11 Feb 2009

Australian Government agencies received 29,019 FOI access requests in 2007–08, a decrease of 25 per cent on the previous year’s figure, according to this report. The report shows that 85 per cent of FOI requests are from people seeking access to documents containing personal information...



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