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Building a robust power market to attract investment, reduce prices, improve efficiency and reliability
12 Mar 2019

Electricity prices in the Philippines are the highest in South East Asia and utilities rely excessively on imported coal and diesel. This report attributes the country’s lack of ability to attract large investments in renewables to purchase agreements that protect fossil fuel interests in imported...


1 Mar 2019

The Clean Energy Regulator has today published the 2018 certificate shortfall list and large scale generation certificate market update - February 2019 following final surrender by liable entities for the 2018 assessment year.

Across both the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target and Small-scale Renewable Energy...


26 Feb 2019

Victorian energy customers continue to face hundreds of confusing offers from energy retailers, hardship programs that aren’t working and ever growing penalties if they’re late in paying their electricity or gas. This annual report provides a summary of the state's energy market in 2017-18.


25 Feb 2019


With up to $10 million of funding from ARENA, TasNetworks is investigating how further Bass Strait interconnection might form a key part of Australia’s future electricity and telecommunications grid.

Interconnection between Tasmania and the rest of Australia could unlock further dispatchable...


11 Feb 2019

Increasing renewable generation does create challenges for managing the power system. But energy market authorities have taken significant steps since the SA blackout to ready the grid ready for a future with much more wind and solar generation. This report identifies further necessary reforms.

Discussion paper

1 Feb 2019

This research shows that gas and coal power plants broke down 135 times in 2018, breaking down at a rate of once every 2.7 days. While this could be expected of an aging coal fleet, the analysis shows that Australia’s newest coal power plants (so-called...

Discussion paper

23 Jan 2019

Australia’s newest coal plants, including ‘supercritical’ or so-called ‘High Efficiency, Low Emissions’ generators, have higher breakdown rates per gigawatt than older power stations, according to this research from the Australia Institute.


18 Dec 2018

This is the fifth interim report of the ACCC's inquiry into gas supply arrangements in Australia. The ACCC has continued its focus on the operation of the East Coast Gas Market, where there are immediate and longer-term concerns.


13 Dec 2018

The Australian energy market is in transition and the AER is working to place the needs of customers at the heart of this significant technological, policy and behavioural change. The report covers the territory and states where the Retail Law applies: the ACT, New South...


11 Dec 2018

In October 2016, the NSW government accepted an unsolicited proposal from IFM Investors and AustralianSuper to lease 50.4 per cent of Ausgrid for 99 years. The deal followed the federal government’s rejection of two bids from foreign investors, for national security reasons. This performance audit...


21 Nov 2018

This report estimates the health burden of air pollution from individual coal-fired power stations in NSW. It is significant new research made possible by recent studies of particle characterisation and atmospheric transport of pollution.


A report for the National Electricity Market
16 Nov 2018

Annually, AEMO prepares a summer readiness plan, collaborating with generation and transmission network providers, federal and state governments, and key agencies to actively manage heightened risks to power system operations.

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8 Nov 2018

The Australian Energy Market Commission has made a more preferable rule that will require large electricity generators to provide at least three years’ notice of their intention to close. The provision of this information to the market will help minimise the likelihood of any price...


Deciding the future of Australia’s coal power workers and communities
30 Oct 2018

Australia’s coal-fired power stations will all close in the next two or three decades. We know this because the companies that operate the 23 power stations currently operating nation-wide have told us so. Despite the empty rhetoric of some, it is unlikely that the economic...

Discussion paper

18 Oct 2018

This options paper sets out different ways for the Australian Energy Market Operator to procure ‘standby’ electricity reserves under the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) when a supply shortfall is forecast.


12 Oct 2018

Market Forces, working with Vietnamese community organisations and other international NGOs, has found that equator principles (EP) signatory banks are violating those principles in their involvement in syndicates funding five Vietnamese coal-fired power stations. In doing so, they are failing the people that the principles...

Discussion paper

21 Sep 2018

This options paper is part of the AEMC’s review into the coordination of generation and transmission investment. Under Terms of reference provided by the COAG Energy Council, the AEMC is considering ways to improve the coordination of transmission and generation investment so new supply can...

Discussion paper

11 Sep 2018

This review, requested by the COAG Energy Council, will look at the law and rule changes required to allow stand-alone power systems (SAPS) to be used where it is economically efficient to do so, while maintaining appropriate consumer protections and service standards.


A summary report of the Coal Transitions project
6 Sep 2018

This report summarises key findings from case studies in six countries (China, India, Poland, Germany, Australia and South Africa), exploring pathways to implement coal transitions.


Preparing for the looming domestic coal phase-out and falling export demand
5 Sep 2018

Coal production in Australia is likely to be on a long-term declining trajectory. Export demand is a function of economic, technological and policy developments in other countries, all of which point to the likelihood of falling coal use over time, especially for steam coal.



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