Sex discrimination


27 Nov 2018

These guidelines provide practical guidance to organisations and individuals to encourage the implementation of special measures. They are intended to offer a means by which workplaces and education and service providers, as well as administrators of Commonwealth law and programs, can assess their own equity...


Fair practices in discrimination conciliation
20 Aug 2018

This report explores the experiences of vulnerable people making complaints under NSW and Commonwealth discrimination law, and details recommended best practice for conciliation processes to ensure people who are disadvantaged are able to access dispute resolution processes equitably.


23 Mar 2018

This practical guide draws together some effective strategies and tools to prepare for and respond to backlash and resistance to gender equality initiatives.

Draft report

26 Feb 2018

This draft code is part of a comprehensive package of measures strongly supported by LPA’s Executive Council to deal with discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace.


28 Jun 2017

This report argues that there is now a chance for Army to catch its breath and reflect more deeply and strategically about how it approaches gender issues in the longer term.


12 Dec 2016

The Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) of South Australia was commissioned by South Australia Police (SAPOL) to undertake a review about the nature and the extent of sex discrimination, sexual harassment and predatory behaviour in SAPOL and make recommendations to address it.

All current SAPOL...


13 Oct 2016

Plan International and Our Watch commissioned this survey to obtain a deeper understanding of young women’s gendered experiences, their most pressing desires for change, and their insights into how to address gender inequality in Australia.

The survey found that while most young women and...


5 May 2016

Most Australian women (87%) have experienced some form of street harassment, whether it’s whistles, stares, unwanted comments or being followed by strangers in the street – often before the age of 18.

Several countries, including Belgium and Portugal, have introduced legislation to tackle street...



31 Jul 2015

This year New Zealand will become the 49th country to adopt a National Action Plan (NAP) on women, peace and security.

New Zealand’s draft NAP was released in May 2015. It focuses on five areas: (1) ensuring women’s involvement in decision-making within conflict and...


10 May 2015

Homophobia is rife in Australian sport. Whether playing at the local park or representing their country, gay and lesbian athletes routinely hide their sexuality to avoid abuse while pursuing the sport they love. Sarah Dingle investigates how difficult it is to come out on the...

Book review

1 May 2015

Some influential management researchers have worked to understand how firms relate to their surrounding societies. They argue that, despite the obvious pressures of globalisation on both governments and firms, national 'business systems' show little tendency to converge to a standard pattern. Yet gender relations are...

Discussion paper

30 Mar 2015

While gender and age are often noted as being important dimensions of Indigenous leadership and governance, they have rarely been examined in detail. This paper focuses specifically on the gender and age of directors on the boards of prescribed bodies corporate (PBCs), the corporations established...


15 May 2014

Assesses the treatment of women at the ACT's only jail, the Alexander Maconochie Centre, against the benchmark of international human rights enshrined in the ACT Human Rights Act and related anti-discrimination legislation.


The review considered the effect and implementation of Territory...


4 Mar 2014

Abstract: This paper provides a snapshot of the ways in which gender bias affects women and men throughout their lives. Although there are inequities for both genders, it is fair to say that women face greater long-term disadvantage than men as a result of...


3 Apr 2012

How to explain to you white people who have no other choice? I am at a crossroads and the wind is pushing me towards my people. I must be in solidarity with men. How do I explain this to white women? And to feminists in...


30 Jan 2012

The benefits of gender-diverse leadership extend beyond short-term financial performance.

Companies with both women and men leaders in the boardroom and at the executive table are poised to achieve sustainable big wins for the company and society. New data from Catalyst and researchers from...


12 Dec 2008

This report makes a series of recommendations for strengthening the Sex Discrimination Act 1984, supported by a majority of members of the committee. It includes a dissenting report by Liberal senators and additional comments by Senator Hanson-Young of the Australian Greens.



6 Nov 2008

The results of the 2008 Sexual Harassment National Telephone Survey, released by Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick today, show that sexual harassment remains a serious problem in workplaces, despite some improvement since 2003.

“With the unofficial commencement of Christmas party season on Melbourne Cup...


21 Jul 2006

The Christian Church believes that every person is made in the image and likeness of God. The human person is defined in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis on the basis of a relationship with God.

This report, prepared as a resource...

Working paper

URP Working Paper No. 4
15 Jun 1988

This paper chronicles the history of the Hunter District Water Board and analyses occupational discrimination experienced by many female employees.



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