Social isolation


5 Apr 2019

This review explores the relevance of social connection to contemporary discussions of social isolation and loneliness and produces a practical tool for considering social connectedness.


17 Nov 2017

This article looks at how people’s access to neighbourhood centres and the diversity of buildings and commercial uses found there influences how, and to what extent, we interact.


26 Jul 2017

This project engaged directly with people who want to explore and talk about kindness in their work, their lives and their communities, and test whether we should, and indeed could, do anything to support and encourage kinder communities.


7 Sep 2016

In this Shelter Brief , Prof Morris, presents the experiences of a sample of Millers Point residents involved in the recent forced removal of public tenants.

The research arose out of discussions with the Millers Point Community Working Party. Shelter agreed to publish it...

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14 Apr 2016

New research indicates hundreds of thousands of elderly people are dealing with crippling isolation that's a significant health risk. The report, 'Ageing is Everyone's Business,' by Gerard Mansour, Commissioner for Senior Victorians, says loneliness compares to obesity or smoking as a mortality risk.


Journal article

8 Mar 2016

Regional studies globally has a strong focus on understanding the causes of variation in the economic performance and well-being of regions and this emphasis acknowledges that the strength of the local or regional economy plays a determinant role in shaping quality of life. Regional research...

Conference paper

9 Dec 2015

The older population in Australia (65+) is expected to double in coming decades, creating many multi-faceted implications for Australian society. The sociology of ageing suggests that older people experience their social world in a distinct way that is uniquely shaped by their memories, historical life...


22 Jul 2015

The latest analysis of social exclusion shows that about five per cent (about 825,000) of Australians aged over 15 are deeply excluded and almost one per cent (150,000) are deeply excluded. The Social Exclusion Monitor, developed since 2008 by the Brotherhood of St Laurence and...


7 Jul 2015

Summary: This state of knowledge paper examines research and literature on the effects of social and geographical isolation and remoteness on the ability of women to disclose, report, seek help, and receive appropriate interventions following domestic and family violence and/or sexual assault.



11 Dec 2014

Poor social connectedness is a significant issue for many men in their middle years.

Journal article

18 Jul 2014

Talk about ‘lifters’ and ‘leaners’ relies on the belief that our economy offers everyone except people with severe and permanent disabilities the opportunity to contribute. This rhetoric categorises people according to their moral and personal qualities, and positions those who miss out as less worthy...

Journal article

15 Jul 2014

The middle years of school represent a time of educational turbulence, serving to marginalise some students from educational opportunities. Much research has focussed on individual cognitive factors influencing educational engagement, with less attention directed towards social interactions. Theoretically positioned within an expectancy–value model of achievement...


2 Jun 2014

Australian children living in areas with a relatively high risk of social exclusion also experience relatively poor health outcomes, argues this bulletin.


The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) and the University of Canberra’s National Centre for Social and Economic...


15 May 2014

This report brings together a national data snapshot of Salvation Army homelessness services and the people assisted on a daily basis.


17 Dec 2013

This report presents the findings of the Specialist Homelessness Services Collection for 2012-13, and describes the clients who received specialist homelessness support, the assistance they sought and were provided, and the outcomes achieved for those clients.


An estimated 244,000 Australians...


10 Dec 2013

This report argues that a narrow focus on promoting diversity threatens individual liberty by promoting the interests of particular groups over those of the individual.


When it first emerged as an official policy in the 1970s, multiculturalism was a response to...


9 Dec 2013

This paper demonstrates that, even within an urban area, there is a large degree of residential segregation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.


5 Dec 2013

The 2012 National Social Housing Survey (NSHS) is the most recent in a series of surveys of social housing tenants and their experiences. The 2012 NSHS sampled tenants of public housing (PH); state owned and managed Indigenous housing (SOMIH) and community housing (CH) programs. An...


4 Dec 2013

This paper outlines a range of principles and actions that the Australia Council has committed to over the next triennium to ensure people with disabilities have equal opportunity to participate in and contribute to the arts.


Our plan focuses on the...


3 Dec 2013

The Council's new Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) demonstrates its ongoing commitment to recognising, supporting and embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts and Cultures into our organisation and encouraging this practice in the arts sector.

Our vision The Australia Council for the Arts...



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