Piracy (Copyright)

Journal article

7 Jan 2019

This open access article analyses who accesses and downloads material from the 'pirate' website Sci Hub website, rather than via paid subscription models and journal paywalls.


7 Aug 2018

The number of Australians consuming online content has increased since 2015. Australians are also consuming online content differently—streaming more, and downloading less. The results also show that there has been an increase in the consumption of lawful content across music, movies, video games and TV...


21 Feb 2018

This report was produced for Australian Screen Association (ASA) to give an initial assessment of the efficacy of the site blocking of 5 sites implemented in Australia in December 2016, using data from 1 October 2016 up to 31 March 2017.

Briefing paper

13 Feb 2018

The Online Infringement Amendment (OIA) enables a copyright owner to apply to the Federal Court to block access to an online location operated outside Australia with the primary purpose of infringing (or facilitating infringement of) copyright content. This review supports the Australian government’s commitment to...


7 Nov 2017

The results of the 2017 online copyright infringement survey show that Australians are embracing streaming services and are more willing to pay for online content.


1 Sep 2015

Has the launch of new streaming services in Australia had an impact on the ways Australians access digital content or is a punitive regulatory approach necessary to reduce piracy?

In November 2014, CHOICE conducted its first survey examining consumer behaviour online and the main...


24 Jul 2015

The objectives for this research were: to understand the prevalence of online copyright infringement in Australia across four core content types (music, video games, movies and TV programmes); to understand what attitudes drive online copyright infringement behaviours; and to determine the role pricing plays in...


29 Apr 2015

Overview and key findings

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has identified four classes of copyright industries:

Core – industries that exist only because of copyright and are primarily involved in the creation, manufacture, production, broadcast and distribution of copyrighted works. Partial...


20 Apr 2015


The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) is supportive of effective and proportionate efforts to prevent online piracy. Consumers stand to benefit from a vibrant creative industry which is adequately compensated for its intellectual effort. Blocking access to online locations which infringe...

Book review

8 Sep 2014

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you worry about identity theft? Have you ever bought a designer fake? Could you see forgery as an art form? Have you ever made an illegal download? Have you ever had a nightmare about...

Discussion paper

30 Jul 2014

There are a number of factors that contribute to online copyright infringement in Australia. These factors include the availability and affordability of lawful content, the ease with which consumers can access unlawful material and consumer awareness of legitimate services. Accordingly, any response to online copyright...


30 Nov 2012

The response submission by the Australian Publishers Association in regards to the current Australian copyright law. The APA’s members are active participants in the digital economy. Further, publishers and other creators are at the forefront of new and innovative digital business models. In relation to...

Journal article

2 May 2012

The following is an edited transcript of an interview with lead investigators on the Media Piracy in Emerging Economies project. The discussion took place online in June 2011.

Journal article

13 Apr 2012

From the perspective of copyright holders, piracy represents lost revenue. In this article we argue that piracy nevertheless has important generative features. We consider the range of commercial opportunities that piracy opens up outside of the media industries, identifying four overlapping fields of legal anti-piracy...


31 Mar 2012

The Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation (IPAF) undertakes independent research into the attitudes and actions of Australians in relation to the issue of illegal content theft of movies and television shows. The research is undertaken by Sycamore Research; Marketing, an independent market research organisation, in conjunction...


6 Mar 2012

The Pirate Bay is the biggest site on the Internet to find illegally downloaded movies, music, games and software, and it has just changed its file-sharing system. Pirates are constantly improving their technology. When Napster's central server was shut down more than 10 years ago,...


8 Dec 2011

This is the largest annual gathering of communications knowledge in Australia. It gives a springboard to serious thinking and data about the state of media, telecommunications and the Internet. One strength of the Forum is the depth of analysis, criticism and research offered by professional...

Conference paper

14 Nov 2011

I have worked for almost 25 years in the field of copyright and I have seen many changes in the area over the years. But the widespread use of the Internet for the exchange of creative content online is proving one of the greatest challenges,...

Conference paper

14 Nov 2011

IPAF are a not for profit organisation funded by a broad alliance of businesses and organisations involved in the film and TV industry in Australia. Our purpose is to raise awareness of the cultural, creative and economic value of the Australian industry and the people...


23 Mar 2011

This study, commissioned by the Australian Content Industry Group, estimated that in 2010 internet piracy took $900 million out of the Australian economy and was responsible for the loss of over 8,300 jobs.

Key findings

In 2010:

4.7 million* Australian internet...



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