Government spending policy


14 Feb 2019

An inquiry into the 2018-19 Budget measure, the Great Barrier Reef 2050 Partnership Program.

Policy report

13 Jun 2018

Consult Australia calls on all political parties to ensure that the governments they lead, or support, will behave ethically, fairly, and honestly in their dealings with the private sector. That is, for them to adopt a Model Client Policy, in line with governments’ Model Litigant...


29 May 2018

This report looks at how health expenditure is paid for by federal, state and territory, and local governments, through taxation revenue.


How government can use its economic leverage to lift labour standards throughout the economy
22 May 2018

This report argues that weak labour market conditions could be improved significantly through pro-active efforts by government to link public spending in all forms to improved job quality and compensation.

Briefing paper

7 May 2018

This briefing paper shows the recently announced 23.9% tax-to-GDP cap is entirely arbitrary, and that a strict tax cap with no policy change will severely limit choices in government spending.


Proposals for transparency on government spending
2 May 2018

The chronic staffing crisis in Australia’s aged care system has led to dangerous workloads for nurses and carers resulting, too often, in missed care for vulnerable nursing home residents. This report finds that the big, 'for-profit' providers, clearly have the financial capacity to improve staffing...


26 Apr 2018

This review contains the Productivity Commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian government assistance to industry. This year's review also explores how Australia should best respond to the USA using its leverage to protect their domestic industries.


17 Apr 2018

The audit objective was to examine entity compliance with regulatory requirements for the establishment and ongoing management of special appropriations.

Other text

20 Mar 2018

The 2018 Investment Statement He Puna Hao Pātiki, shows how the Treasury is moving towards a more holistic way of assessing the government’s balance sheet, by incorporating principles from the Living Standards Framework alongside financial considerations.

Other text

14 Mar 2018

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) and the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) exists to facilitate practical ways for the DTA and the AIIA to engage to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.


25 Feb 2018

This report argues that Australia should revamp how it selects major transport projects, so that governments can better know which new roads and railways are worth building and avoid squandering billions of dollars of public money on the wrong projects.


24 Feb 2018

The former Federal Water Minister, Barnaby Joyce, approved the $17 million purchase of water in the Warrego valley, after criticising the Labor government for the same thing. This was a deal that required amendments to the Basin Plan to later adjust Basin Plan limits between...


20 Feb 2018

This report examines a number of WA government programs and projects, in an attempt to provide a clear and concise explanation of the key drivers or failures in decision making that led to the state’s operating deficits and unsustainable debt position.


25 Jan 2018

The 2017 Tax Expenditures Statement lists 289 tax expenditures and, where possible, provides an estimate of the dollar value or order of magnitude of the benefit to taxpayers.


20 Dec 2017

The primary purpose of financial statements is to provide relevant and reliable information to users about a reporting entity’s financial position. In the public sector, the users of financial statements include Ministers, the Parliament and the community. ‘The objectives of a financial statements audit in...

Policy report

14 Dec 2017

This Budget Policy Statement (BPS) is the Ardern Government’s first action in preparing Budget 2018. It sets the broad fiscal parameters within which details for the budget will be determined and states the government’s priorities for the budget.


10 Dec 2017

This resource argues that there is evidence of growing complacency and reform fatigue, including backsliding on fiscal policy in Australia.

Briefing paper

30 Nov 2017

A key role for the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) is to prepare budget quality costings of policies proposed by members of Parliament. This paper explains the PBO’s approach and sets out how and when broader economy wide effects, also referred to as second round effects,...

Briefing paper

30 Nov 2017

This PBO information paper provides a conceptual explanation of what a costing is, what a costing is designed to capture and how a costing estimate is generated. It has been prepared to improve understanding of what a costing represents and assist in the interpretation of...

Discussion paper

27 Nov 2017

This consultation paper provides information on the costing process, the factors that affect the time it takes for the PBO to respond to costing requests and the framework that the PBO applies to prioritise competing demands for costing resources.



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