Gender identity


11 Jan 2019

This paper reports on an action learning project undertaken by the Sexual Rights in Development Community of Practice in recognition of the challenges and possibilities that this acknowledgment might present for ACFID members.


Responding to LGBT conversion therapy in Australia
15 Oct 2018

This report confirms that religious conversion therapy and related practices are pervasive in many faith communities in Australia and causing real harm to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.


CFCA Resource Sheet - May 2017
1 May 2017

This is a glossary of common terms used within LGBTIQ+ communities.


24 Aug 2016

Summary Gender neutral parenting and play is a big subject in Sweden. The country has recently adopted the gender neutral pronoun ‘hen’ – teachers are encouraged to say ‘good morning buddies’ instead of ‘good morning girls and boys’, and toy catalogues regularly show images...


4 Mar 2016

The 2016 Standard for Sex and Gender Variables has yet to incorporate some key recommendations made to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) by the National LGBTI Health Alliance (the Alliance) and participating community organisations. After three years of direct engagement with the ABS, our...


23 Feb 2016

A summary of gender-specific data in six areas of social concern for gender equality: Economic Security, Education, Health, Work and Family Balance, Safety and Justice, and Democracy, Governance and Citizenship.

In this issue Gender Indicators, Australia presents a summary of gender-specific data in...

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24 Jul 2015

In Queensland there's a growing push for better understanding and support for transgender children in the education system.

Parents of children who identify as gender diverse have now formed a support group in hopes of gaining better treatment and thereby reducing bullying and mental...


15 Jul 2015

The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey is a household-based panel study which began in 2001. It has the following key features:

It collects information about economic and subjective well-being, labour market dynamics and family dynamics. Special questionnaire modules are included...


22 Jun 2015

This guide lays out for the first time a framework for processing refugees fleeing persecution because of sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex grounds.


This Guide has been developed to:

provide reliable information regarding what constitutes best practice in determining...


10 Jun 2015

The status of SOGII rights in Australia has improved significantly over the past two decades. Despite this, LGBTI people still face unacceptable and significant discrimination and barriers to their fair and equal treatment, according to this report.


‘SOGII rights’ are ultimately...


23 Sep 2014

This study of gender diverse and transgender young people reveals high rates of depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety.


This report is the culmination of many months of engagement across Australia with young people aged between 14 and 25 who have shared...

Journal article

9 Sep 2014

There are currently widespread concerns around the impact of media on children's healthy development. This study investigated whether music media influences young children's gender role and self-identity. Thirty-four Grade 1 children and 38 Grade 4 children participated in an experimental study to explore their attitudes...


15 May 2014

Assesses the treatment of women at the ACT's only jail, the Alexander Maconochie Centre, against the benchmark of international human rights enshrined in the ACT Human Rights Act and related anti-discrimination legislation.


The review considered the effect and implementation of Territory...


1 Jan 2011

All students and staff have the right to be treated fairly and with dignity in an environment free from disruption, intimidation, harassment and discrimination. To achieve this, all schools will maintain high standards of student behaviour. These procedures set out requirements for the suspension and...


22 Mar 2010

Despite numerous improvements in women’s employment outcomes, there are still many gender gaps that need to be addressed. This report provides an overview of gender differences in OECD countries.

On average, across OECD countries, the proportion of women in paid work is high (62%)....

Journal article

2 May 2009

As gaming becomes increasingly part of mainstream culture globally, we are beginning to see other modes of gaming subcultures -- most notably in the form of cosplay. Cosplay is short for 'costume play' and cosplayers take their inspiration from games, manga (comics), anime (animation), and...


9 Apr 2009

This handbook is a timely, illustrated and easy-to-read guide and resource material for journalists. It evolved primarily out of a desire to equip all journalists with more information and understanding of gender issues in their work. It is addressed to media organisations, professional associations and...


18 Mar 2009

This paper identifies some problems with the existing systems for recognising sex identity in documents and government records. It also makes recommendations for changing the system and provides options for implementing these changes. The paper is part of the commission’s sex and gender diversity project,...


16 Feb 2009

Women and men may differ in their propensity to choose a risky outcome because of innate preferences or because their innate preferences are modified by pressure to conform to gender-stereotypes. Single-sex environments are likely to modify students’ risk-taking preferences in economically important ways. To test...


28 Jan 2009

This edition of the Academy's journal, Dialogue, features the following articles on feminism:

Disappearing Tricks, by Marian Sawer

Poisons and Antidotes: Historicising feminism and equality in an age of rights competition, by Ann Genovese

The Sexual Revolution as Big Flop: Women’s Liberation...



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