28 Jan 2019

This research from the Australia Institute estimates the cost of online harassment and cyberhate to have cost Australians an estimated total of $3.7 billion dollars in health costs and lost income.

Working paper

11 Jul 2018

This paper develops a global indicator on bullying amongst children using existing school-based surveys from around the world. The findings of this paper show that bullying is a complex phenomenon that takes multiple forms, and is experienced to widely varying degrees across the world.


Statistical insights into experiences, impact and response
5 Jun 2018

This report presents the findings of a nationally representative study whose purpose was to explore the experiences, attitudes, and behaviours of New Zealand teens about digital communications including harm and/or distress.


3 May 2018

This report highlights a number of key themes in relation to the online challenges facing young people age 8–17.

Journal article

1 Apr 2018

Young people who are more socially connected are more likely to cope actively in response to frequent cyber victimisation.


28 Mar 2018

This report recommends that the Australian government consult state and territory governments, non-government organisations and other relevant stakeholders, to develop and publicise a clear definition of cyberbullying that recognises the breadth and complexity of the issue.


1 Mar 2018

This report contains the results of the economic analysis of the cost of bullying in schools in Australia. It describes the approach to complete the analysis, presents the results, and identifies the limitations.


A survey exploring the effect of social media and digital technology on Australians’ wellbeing
13 Nov 2017

Digital Me, is the latest in a series of surveys conducted by the Australian Psychological Society, to examine issues affecting the wellbeing of Australians.


14 Nov 2016

Cyberbullying has been a hot topic in the media for the past few years. Currently there exists a multitude of social media platforms and other varying forms of media that allow people to stay connected and share information. Alongside this there is also the potential...



7 Oct 2016

Almost half the population of the planet now has access to the internet, with about one in three of those people regularly active on social media.

But this increased opportunity to socialise and communicate in a virtual environment has offered new avenues for antisocial...


8 Jul 2016

This program developed and tested a program of four online, youth-centred social campaigns to promote young people’s safety and wellbeing.


Australian young women and girls report online abuse and harassment are endemic
13 May 2016

Reveals Australian teenage girls’ perceptions about uninvited sexually explicit images, pressure to take and send sexy photographs and cyber bullying.

Briefing paper

16 Mar 2016

The Internet, mobile phones, and other technological innovations have become entrenched in Australian life. These technologies create far-reaching benefits for youth. Nevertheless, these technologies have also introduced a tranche of online bullying behaviours known as cyberbullying, adding to the longstanding challenges associated with traditional school...


25 Jan 2016

The TLRI has released Final Report No 22, Bullying . The Report considers what role the law should play in responding to all types of bullying behaviours, including cyber-bullying, and questions whether the current legal regime in Tasmania can provide appropriate redress for victims. The...

Discussion paper

18 May 2015

This issues paper examines the adequacy of current legal frameworks in Tasmania that are potentially able to address bullying behaviours, including cyberbullying. It considers reform options including the creation of a criminal offence of bullying, the extension of the functions of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner and...


12 Apr 2015

The Internet has become a popular communication tool for children and young people, as well as adults, businesses and organisations. There are a range of reasons why people or organisations might wish to publish images of people online, including for recording, documenting and advertising or...


Prepared for the Australian government Department of Communications
11 Aug 2014

The Social Policy Research Centre was commissioned by the Australia Government, as part of its commitment to Enhance Online Safety for Children , to investigate youth exposure to cyberbullying and how it is being managed. The report was developed in collaboration with National Children’s and...


1 Aug 2014

Outlines the scope of the cyberbullying problem, the conceptual framework within it must be understood, and develops principles by which policymakers can address the cyberbullying problem.


Bullying among children is a significant and serious issue. In recent years, the phenomenon described...

Discussion paper

14 Jul 2014

Addressing the cyber safety challenge: from risk to resilience describes the cyber safety issues emerging from a range of technology trends, how different populations are using technologies and the risks they face, and how we can effectively respond to each group’s unique cyber safety...

Journal article

11 Sep 2013

Studies have found that moral disengagement plays a significant role in the continuation of bullying situations (Bonanno, 2005); however, the moral stance of cyber-bystanders — those who witness online bullying — is not yet clear. While research into traditional face-to-face bullying reported that peers would...



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