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5 Feb 2019

The NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal has reviewed how we share costs between rural water customers1 and the NSW Government (on behalf of other users and the broader community) when setting maximum prices for the Water Administration Ministerial Corporation’s (WAMC’s) water management services and...


28 Aug 2017

There are arguments migrants can help drive growth in the regions and many who have chosen a new life in the country say it was a change for the better.


12 Aug 2017

Country Australia is losing out on full-time jobs, forcing its young to head for the cities

Policy report

20 Jun 2017

This paper outlines some of the NSW Government’s new and existing key regional investments.

Journal article

15 Jun 2017

Summarises key findings from a project that examined the mechanisms of subnational population change in New Zealand

Audio interview

21 Apr 2017

We exist in a world where 30 percent of people are starving while the planet's human population continues to surge. Our natural resources like water and arable land are shrinking and pollution and dramatic changes in climate are increasing, all alongside whilst there are concerns...


6 Feb 2017

Long-distance commuting between place of residence and place of work has been on the rise in Australia. It occurs when workers are unable to return home after their working day (usually due to distance), so a worker resides at the place of work for a...


22 Aug 2016

This report examines the current funding and financing arrangements for regional and remote roads in Australia and considers the implications of road funding reforms.

The project was undertaken in three stages:

Stage 1 developed a snap shot of current and historic road related...



5 Aug 2016

Rural and regional NSW provides the state with much of its food, water and tourism opportunities, as well as crucial hidden services such as regulating the climate. Properly funding projects that preserve regional environments benefits all citizens, but can also help develop regional economies....

Conference paper

4 Dec 2015

This paper reports on research which follows the difficult process of farm families preparing for and subsequently leaving farming. The period of exit covers the millennium drought of 2000-2010 in four case study areas in Victoria, Australia. It is concerned with families still of working...

Conference paper

21 Jul 2015


Dairy farming is New Zealand's pre-eminent primary industry. It achieves large export earnings but is also responsible for a large proportion of the country's greenhouse gas emissions. One of those greenhouse gases is CO₂, and in order to lower New Zealand's net...


26 Feb 2015

Presents analyses on hearing health outreach services provided to Indigenous children and young people in the Northern Territory.

Summary This report presents information on ear and hearing outreach services funded by the Department of Health and delivered by the Northern Territory Department of...


15 Jun 2014

In this study, customers/consumers, representatives of public sector provider organizations, and elected policy makers conveyed their perceptions of factors influencing essential functions and services delivery in selected Western Australian rural communities.


6 Feb 2014

This report assesses whether the the Country Fire Authority and Victoria State Emergency Service effectively and efficiently manage emergency services volunteers.

Introduction: Volunteering is critical to the delivery of community services throughout Victoria. When volunteers provide their time and resources, not only do...


30 Jan 2014

This audit assessed the effectiveness of the Department of the Environment’s administration of the Strengthening Basin Communities Program in the Murray–Darling Basin.

Overall conclusion

The Australian Government initially allocated $200 million in funding under the Strengthening Basin Communities Program (SBCP) to assist...

Conference paper

1 Dec 2013

Due to distance and low density, rural areas are often disadvantaged in getting access to telecommunication infrastructures. Hence rural digital divide policies tend to focus on providing access. While narrowing the access gap has been largely effective in developed countries, it is what happens after...


11 Nov 2013


Through a combination of domestic agricultural production and food imports, Indonesia currently maintains food supply levels adequate to feed its population. Due to inefficiencies in distribution systems and persistent poverty a low level of food insecurity exists in the country, particularly amongst...


30 Oct 2013

The Australian Feral Camel Management Project addressed the urgent need to significantly reduce feral camel densities to lessen their impacts in remote Australia on biodiversity, wetlands, waterholes and sites of cultural value to Aboriginal people, infrastructure (fences, houses, cars) and personal safety.

Feral camels...


18 Oct 2013

This report proposes a Centre for Land Use and Land Resources to conduct an Australian program of work on agricultural land use and food security analysis, linked to international efforts.


Internationally, food security and the sustainability of productive land resources have...


11 Oct 2013

This report shows that an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Australia is expected to generate very large adverse economic impacts to both producers and other industries inside and beyond the outbreak area; with financial losses and eradication activities also having social impacts....



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