Rural conditions


11 Oct 2013

This report provides the latest available information on national land use and land use change in Australia.


Land use describes the purposes assigned to land. It refers to the purpose for which the land is committed. It is fundamental to understanding...


8 Oct 2013

This paper uses data from the 2011 Census to look at the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the Indigenous population in 43 regional centres.


30 Sep 2013

The National Water Account is an annual publication delivered by the Bureau of Meteorology. It contains standardised information about the management of Australia's water resources.

What is in the National Water Account?

The National Water Account is Australia’s most comprehensive water information report....


13 Sep 2013

This report is the first output from this project and presents the findings from the initial stages of the investigation. Later reports will present a fuller picture as the outputs of additional stages of analysis are presented. There is a growing consensus in the community...

Journal article

6 Aug 2013


Objective : This study examined whether a wellbeing approach to resilience and adaptation would provide practical insights for prioritizing support to communities experiencing environmental and socio-economic stressors.

Methods : A cross-sectional survey, based on a purposive sample of 2,196...


18 Jul 2013

Key findings: Australia’s regions are more economically diverse than most people assume.

Most non-metropolitan regions have a level of employment diversity close to the national employment profile.

Diversity is possible in all regions.

Smaller and remote regions can also be diverse. All types...


14 Jun 2013


This report considers the impact of anticipated climate change on Australia’s inland towns and centres to the year 2050. It examines the ways in which non-coastal settlements will be affected by the primary, secondary and tertiary impacts of climate change, including the...


14 Jun 2013


The Arabana Climate Change Adaptation project is a collaboration between the Arabana people and the University of Adelaide, South Australia. Arabana people live in the Lake Eyre region, Marree, Oodnadatta, Coober Pedy, Alice Springs, Port Augusta, Adelaide and Darwin. The project was...


7 Jun 2013


Balancing human and environmental needs is urgent where food security and sustainability are under pressure from population increases and changing climates. Requirements of food security, social justice and environmental justice exacerbate the impact of agriculture on the supporting ecological environment. Viability of...


7 Jun 2013


Given the broad scale and fundamental transformations occurring to the natural environment due to anthropogenic climate change in the present era, what does the future hold for Aboriginal people in remote arid regions of Australia? In searching for answers to this question,...


30 May 2013

Executive summary

This is the final report following a series of five research reports prepared for the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs over the last two years on Indigenous homelessness in regional Australia.

The overall aim of this...


22 May 2013

Summary: The Minister for Foreign Affairs commissioned a Panel to conduct a Review of ACIAR.

The Review was asked to address issues including: the appropriateness of ACIAR’s goals and strategies in helping people overcome poverty; ACIAR’s effectiveness in improving livelihoods through more productive and...


20 May 2013


Resurrection of the local economy is crucial to getting communities back on track after a natural disaster, but this is often overlooked in favour of rebuilding physical infrastructure and getting a town back to ‘normal’ although key economic drivers may have been...


15 Apr 2013

Australia's native forest sector has experienced a significant contraction over the past five years. This is reflected in log production from native forests: roundwood removals over the period 2009-2011 were 30 per cent below the average from the previous 18 years. Similarly, woodchip exports, a...

Briefing paper

10 Apr 2013

This RAI policy brief explores current approaches involving local communities in resource development processes. It argues that effective local action is the most important driver of success in capturing local benefits from resource projects. The brief advocates for a revision of current processes, suggesting that...


3 Apr 2013

Deforestation of Scotland began millennia ago and by the early 20th century woodland cover was down to about 6 per cent of the total land area. A century later woodland cover had tripled. Most of the newly established forestry plantations were created on elevated land...


12 Mar 2013

This report summarises the findings of a review of selected aspects of the 2010 and 2011 regional plans of the 55 Regional Development Australia (RDA) committees. The Indian Ocean territories of Christmas Island and Cocos Keeling Island are also included in the summary, because although...


26 Feb 2013

Agriculture, in its business-as-usual mode, is by nature very adaptive. Climate change presents both challenges (biosecurity threats, reduced productivity) and opportunities (business diversity, new crop types and varieties) for the industry.

Key needs to support future adaptation include:

Education and extension – especially...

Briefing paper

25 Feb 2013

Since the beginning of the mining boom Australia’s rural sector has lost $61.5 billion in export income. This includes $18.9 billion in 2011-12 alone. These losses have occurred because the mining boom has forced the Australian dollar to historic highs.


21 Feb 2013

Development of National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plans is a key function of NCCARF. These Plans (referred to as NARPs) are produced for nine key sectors where adaptation responses will be critical in safeguarding against climate risks to social, economic and environmental well-being. The Primary...



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