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30 Mar 2013

Drawing on a 4-year research project, ‘Exploring the experience of security in the Vietnamese-Australian community: practical implications for policing,’ this article examines the perspectives of the Melbourne Vietnamese Australian community outreach and legal professionals on policing the drug trade. Engaging with current debates on the...


25 Jan 2013

Australia's massive experiment in gun control saw a million firearms, or one third of the nation's private arsenal destroyed, then a million new, but different guns imported. Sixteen years after firearm laws were tightened, gun homicide remains 50-60% lower, and the nation has not seen...


21 Sep 2011

In Inside Story, Rodney Tiffen looks at what the phone-hacking scandal has revealed so far about media, politics and the police – and what’s likely to happen next.


10 Sep 2010

This report finds that young people are particularly vulnerable to the abuse of powers in public surveillance practice and to being the target of policing to regulate behaviour in public spaces.

While there is now a vast body of literature examining surveillance in public...

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2 Jul 2010

This paper explores practical solutions to sensitive community policing issues, drawing on an Australian case study of relations between police and Australian-Vietnamese communities. The paper summarizes initial research on the attitudes of Australian-Vietnamese community members and police to one another and to security and crime....


17 Jun 2010

With more than 190,000 pages of news, data and comparative charts, and visited by 1.5 million uniquely identifiable users per year, is the world's most comprehensive and accessible web source for published evidence on armed violence, firearm law and gun control. is...

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30 Jun 2005

Background paper for: Gun-running in Papua New Guinea: From Arrows to Assault Weapons in the Southern Highlands. Small Arms Survey, Geneva.

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1 Mar 1998

Contrary to their popular image as low-powered "bunny guns," .22-calibre rifles are commonly used in multiple shootings. In seven mass killings involving .22 rifles in Australia and New Zealand alone, 54 people died by gunfire.

The .22 rifle is also the most commonly used...


31 Jul 1997

Among a small, but vocal minority of shooters the universal registration of firearms is both the most ridiculed and the most feared of all measures to control guns. It is a fundamental belief of some gun owners that any register of firearms is merely the...

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30 Jun 1997

One proposal to reduce gun-related death and injury is the establishment of a register of prohibited persons – a “black list” of citizens suspected of mental instability or anti-social behaviour. These people could then be denied a firearms licence. Despite years of promotion by pro-gun...


31 Oct 1996

The history of New Zealand’s gun control law is dominated by failure. Failure of gun owners to comply with the laws, failure of police and courts to enforce and uphold them, and most importantly the failure of successive Governments to provide the will and the...


14 Aug 1996

The headline-grabbing effect of the illegal “crime gun” guarantees it more attention than the lawful, homely firearms which kill nine-tenths of shooting victims. Accordingly, public opinion seems willing to tackle the problem of guns in crime while little attention is paid to the much more...


14 Nov 1995

By opposing mandatory seizure of firearms following a protection order, police and some legislators seem inclined to deny the reality of gun-related violence as revealed by their own files.

Conference paper

28 Jun 1995

Aim: To determine the firearms licensing status and mental and criminal history of perpetrators in firearm homicide, plus the legal status of the firearms used. The location of the shooting, its motivation and the relationship between perpetrator and victim were determined, as well as...




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