Deliberative democracy

Policy report

13 Aug 2015

This policy document commits the South Australian government to explore and trial ways that build on the start already made in democratic reform.

A key initiative will be four 'deliberative democracy projects' where non-government organisations or business will work with the government and the...


3 Jul 2015

The City of Melbourne’s recent experiment asking citizens to develop a 10-year financial plan is being hailed as a success by those working in the deliberative democracy space. Now one councillor is looking to see what other issues could be addressed with the method....


30 Jun 2015

On Tuesday 30 June, Council unanimously endorsed the 10-Year Financial Plan and accompanying draft Asset Management Strategy to guide how Council manages its finances and assets over the next 10 years.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said the plans were developed to make sure Melbourne...

Audio presentation

9 Jun 2015

How would you like to actively participate shaping government policies, not just indirectly through your vote? Citizen juries allow just that. State and local governments have started to use citizen juries to address issues like infrastructure, budgeting or reforming the electoral system. These participatory democracy...

Discussion paper

1 Jun 2015

The CRC for Low Carbon Living aims to facilitate the transition of the Australian built environment to a low-greenhouse gas emissions future while maintaining industry competitiveness and improving quality of life. The transition to low carbon living will involve complex and unpredictable interactions and inter-dependencies,...


23 Apr 2015

In contemporary Australian society there are regular calls for worthwhile and informed discussions regarding issues of public interest. Entering into thoughtful talk in a group requires that participants are able to bring themselves forward in ways that enhance the exchange, beyond over-used stances where one...

Journal article

20 Nov 2014

This paper examines the potential utility of the deliberative democracy methodology within the public health research setting.


8 Nov 2014

The purpose of this report is for Future Melbourne (Finance and Governance) Committee to formally receive the People’s Panel Report on the Melbourne City Council’s 10 Year Financial Plan.


Melbourne is growing and changing and the next decade will bring increased...


30 Sep 2014

In the flurry of post-election book launches, there’s been much analysis of what’s gone wrong with Australian politics. The newDemocracy Foundation argues that it’s not better politicians we need, but a better democracy. Melanie Christiansen investigates their proposal for citizen’s juries.



28 Sep 2014

There's a growing public disenchantment with democracy and the modern political process. So, here's a solution: citizens’ juries—ordinary people who are given the information and training to make decisions on civic issues.

It’s all part of an approach known as deliberative democracy, aiming to...


Recommendations to the Lord Mayor of Sydney & Premier of New South Wales
9 Apr 2014

The Sydney Citizens’ Jury unanimously agrees that the safety and vibrancy of Sydney’s nightlife would be further enhanced by the adoption of the recommendations detailed in this report. The recommendations cover the following areas of diversity, transport, police and safety, education and media, lockouts and...

Book review

18 Oct 2013

Deliberative democrats sometimes assume that existing political organisations, including NGOs or social movement organisations, are too bound up with pre-given interests or ideological frames to provide a public sphere where such deliberation can occur.


19 Sep 2013

This report explores the role of citizens' committees in Australian local government decision-making processes. The report will be a useful resource for councils looking to enhance the effectiveness of community committees.

Committee types include both council-appointed committees, and incorporated non-for-profit organisations.

The study...


6 Jun 2011

Professor Lyn Carson from the Centre for Citizenship and Public Policy at the University of Western Sydney talks about using deliberative democracy to solve the world's 'wicked problems'.


Lyn Carson Professorial Fellow, Centre for Citizenship and Public Policy, University...



12 Feb 2009

From last Friday to Monday, sandwiched between official parliamentary sittings, a different type of parliament sat in Old Parliament House. The so-called Citizens’ Parliament convened to consider how our democracy could be improved. The message from the participants, randomly chosen from the electoral roll, was...

Conference proceedings

This conference, organized by professors Matt Ratto and Megan Boler, incorporated papers by new media scholars to discuss how citizens have created their own forms of self-expression through e-government, remix culture, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and participatory media campaigns.

Sessions and plenaries now available....



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