Public health--Evaluation

Working paper

17 Dec 2018

This working paper demonstrates how clinical data from participating practices can help inform policy, research and health systems to improve health outcomes for all Australians. 


26 Oct 2018

The purpose of this report is to investigate the adequacy of the Australian diet across various life stages to help inform the evidence-base in relation to nutrition-related health determinants for chronic conditions.

Technical report

8 Aug 2018

This is the first Australian study to quantify the risks of physical health conditions contributing to a wide range of mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression. The latest national report card reveals the strong links between chronic physical ill health and mental ill health....


Report Card
7 Aug 2018

Australia’s Mental and Physical Health Tracker is the first Australian study to quantify the risks of physical health conditions contributing to a wide range of mental health conditions including anxiety and depression.

Released by Professsor Allan Fels AO (AHPC Advisory Board member) on 7...

Journal article

23 Jul 2018

This article argues that the measure of food insecurity employed in national surveys in Australia may underestimate its prevalence and public health significance.


The Director-General of Health’s annual report on the state of public health
16 Jul 2018

The information in this report helps the Ministry of Health and the wider health sector with their planning, aimed at reducing health inequities and improving population health so that more New Zealanders live well, stay well and get well.

Journal article

4 Jul 2018

This article argues that Australians are likely to be more receptive to autonomous vehicles when provided with information relating to the public health benefits of using them.

Journal article

14 Jun 2018

This project has generated important ideas that may help to further improve implementation of school vaccination programs, including allowing electronic consent, increasing student engagement, improving access to previous vaccination records and increasing school staff accountability.


6 Jun 2018

This audit examined whether the the state-funded Community Health Program (CHP) effectively contributes to good healthcare outcomes for Victoria’s priority populations. The audit analysed DHHS’s management of the CHP, with a particular focus on its strategic direction, access and demand management, and performance monitoring.


7 May 2018

The panel reviewed twenty recently published key Australian and international reports and academic reviews that had examined scientific studies on potential human health effects of PFAS exposure. The panel also undertook a public consultation to inform them of the communities’ concerns regarding PFAS, and their...

Journal article

12 Mar 2018

This article examines how health professionals can play a key role in identifying and preventing the recurrence of intentional injury.

Policy report

The case for an Australian health survey
8 Mar 2018

This report is the work of a national collaboration of leading experts, researchers and practitioners working in health, education, transport, public health and policy. It outlines a national implementation strategy for an ongoing commitment to the Australian Health Survey.

Journal article

15 Feb 2018

Paediatric obesity predicts adult obesity, and alarming new data in New Zealand reveals that obesity among the young continues to rise.

Journal article

14 Feb 2018

Little is known about how socioeconomic position might have affected health prior to the Second World War. This article looks at lifespan by occupational class in two cohorts in New Zealand.


4 Feb 2018

This report exposes the flaws in Australian hospitals’ safety and quality monitoring regime, and recommends reforms that could result in an extra 250,000 patients leaving hospital each year free of complications.


24 Jan 2018

This document provides an overview of information gained from influenza surveillance in New Zealand in 2016. The New Zealand influenza surveillance system compiles information from a variety of sources on disease burden, epidemiology, viral aetiology, risk factors, clinical presentation and outcomes, and vaccine effectiveness.

Journal article

19 Dec 2017

Background: There is growing recognition amongst health and medical research funders and researchers that translation of research into policy and practice needs to increase and that more transparency is needed on how impacts are realised. Several approaches are advocated for achieving this, including co-production of...


6 Dec 2017

The Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) helps senior leaders in the New Zealand State Services lead performance improvement in their agencies and across the system. This is the full report of the review of the Ministry of Health.


29 Nov 2017

This report provides information on people who present at emergency departments in Australia, including who used services, why they used them, and how long they had to wait for care.


24 Nov 2017

Overweight and obesity is a major public health issue, second only to tobacco smoking as a risk factor contributing to the burden of disease in Australia. This report looks at the prevalence of overweight and obesity by birth cohort to examine potential differences at a...



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