26 Oct 2018

Tropical Cyclone Evan passed over Samoa on 13-14 December 2012 and caused widespread damage. This report evaluates the Tropical Cyclone Evan Recovery and Rehabilitation Programme (TCRRP), which was implemented as budget support, and the Tourism Cyclone Recovery Programme (TCRP) which was implemented as a program....

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17 Jul 2018

This article is of a comparative study of social adaptation in the Cyclone Winston disaster case in Fiji and rob flooding in Semarang, Indonesia. In February 2016, the largest tropical storm in the Southern Hemisphere, Cyclone Winston, struck Fiji and caused severe damage and loss...

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17 Jul 2018

This article presents an analysis of how social media was used during Tropical Cyclone Winston, the strongest recorded tropical storm that left a wake of destruction and devastation in Fiji during February 2016. Social media is increasingly being used in crises and disasters as an...


25 Jun 2015

The Global Risk Map is the second phase of the PSI Global Resilience Project, which is led by Insurance Australia Group (IAG). The Map was introduced at a major PSI event in Switzerland in May 2015, and formally launched at a global insurance industry event...


30 Apr 2015

This audit assessed the effectiveness of the Attorney-General’s Department’s administration of the terms of the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements Ministerial determination.


Australia is exposed to natural disasters on a recurring basis. Prime responsibility for the response to a disaster...


30 Jun 2014

Executive summary

The need for building resilience

Natural hazards have the potential to devastate communities and economies around the world. Natural hazards are inevitable, but not natural disasters. When a natural hazard occurs, it is the collective societal resilience that will...


1 Jan 2014

The purpose of this research is to better characterise the specific behaviour of Tropical Cyclones (TCs) in the Southwest Pacific ocean basin in response to a number of key global and regional teleconnection patterns. While there have been many TC studies in other basins, there...

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4 Sep 2013


A series of severe weather events in Queensland during 2010 and 2011 and a greater interest in national security have catalogued a renewed government interest in ensuring that Australians understand the risks and take proactive measures to prepare for disasters. The Living...



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