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30 Nov 2018

Language is a fundamental resource for all learning and a means by which Australia can achieve outcomes in educational excellence, equity, Indigenous reconciliation and social cohesion.

In an English-medium education and training system, English language skills underpin literacy and numeracy learning and support educational...


How 10 years of funding has helped libraries transform thousands of lives
20 Jun 2018

In this American Dream Literacy Initiative 10-year retrospective report, you'll learn more about how this grant has helped nearly 200 libraries across the United States enhance their services for adult learners.


14 Apr 2018

This report presents the students’ combined contributions to a sustainability scoping review and recommended audit tools for Queensland University of Technology and associated businesses at Kelvin Grove Campus and Village located 6 kilometres north of the Central Business District of Brisbane, Queensland.

Journal article

27 Dec 2017

Reports on refugee and immigrant women in Australia show these women have low literacy in their first language, limited English language abilities, and minimal formal schooling. With major funding cuts to the adult migrant education sector and persistent public ‘deficit views’ of immigrant and refugees’...


21 Aug 2017

This report debunks claims from Government, Opposition and industry leaders about Australia’s apprenticeship system being in crisis.


24 Mar 2017

This report outlines research from Australia and the UK informing ten 'National Guidelines to Improve Student Outcomes in Online Education'.


3 Feb 2017

This report project examined ways to build multi-stakeholder capacity that would result in returning pupils to primary schools at the end of a 30-year period of war and conflict.


2 May 2016

Describes the effectiveness of correctional education in improving post-release outcomes

Abstract Using a longitudinal dataset of prisoners in Western Australia, this paper describes the effectiveness of correctional education in improving post-release outcomes. The report shows that the more classes completed by prisoners the...


22 Mar 2016

A large majority of Americans seek extra knowledge for personal and work-related reasons. Digital technology plays a notable role in these knowledge pursuits, but place-based learning remains vital to many and differences in education and income are a hallmark of people’s learning activities.



11 Feb 2016

In Australia, regional and remote Indigenous students are under‐represented in both higher education and vocational education and training. Access (or enabling) education programs are important in lifting participation rates and potentially in encouraging mobility between the sectors. However, there is a clear lack of evidence...



23 Jun 2015

In Australia quality teaching is served by a program called Promotion of Excellence in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PELTHE), administered through the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT).

Funding for learning and teaching has suffered cuts in most federal budgets over the...


1 Jun 2015

This paper firstly estimates the effect of population changes since 2006 on the skills distribution of the population. Secondly, the paper estimates the reach of adult literacy and numeracy programmes by skills levels in the adult population.


New Zealand is currently...


13 Apr 2015


Ten million Australians are members of their local public library, and one million are enrolled at university [1] , [2] , [3] . However, in 2015, public libraries and universities are sharing a challenge – adapt or decline. In particular, physical resources,...

Discussion paper

5 Apr 2015

This discussion paper highlights the need for a fair and equitable procedure for the recognition of overseas qualifications. It is based on the ECCV community consultation forum Qualified but not Recognised and highlights the participants’ contributions. An overview of the policy context is given, with...

Literature review

1 Feb 2015

Provides an overview of the literature relating to e-learning in workplaces in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


The key findings of this annotated bibliography are:

E-learning can provide flexible learning options for employees and...


1 Dec 2014

This report is an attempt to answer questions about the extent to which the Assessment Tool can reasonably and legitimately be used to assess the literacy and numeracy of English language learners, on the basis of a descriptive study of skills (as measured by the...


24 Jun 2014

Introduction : This paper explores the relationship between two different measures of adult literacy and numeracy. The Adult Literacy and Life Skills (ALL) Survey was an international survey of literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills undertaken in New Zealand in 2006. It provided information...


1 Sep 2013

This study examined the tangible and intangible 12 month outcomes achieved by disadvantaged young people participating in an alternative learning program in regional Australia. It combined desk research, qualitative interviews and psychosocial measures to assess the program’s effectiveness. The report shares these findings along-with nine...


29 Mar 2011

Without national workforce or curriculum plans, social workers are unable to play a much needed role in Australia's health care system, writes Alice Clark.


11 Jun 2010

This good practice guide is based on research that looked at how to teach adult literacy and numeracy using a social capital approach. The guide suggests ways VET practitioners can adopt a social capital approach to their teaching practice. A social capital approach refers to...



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