3 Sep 2018

Using Western Australian rail history, and a survey of private investment in transit globally, this paper demonstrates that new partnerships with private transport investment can invigorate the future of cities.


Uniting Newcastle-the Central Coast-Sydney-Wolongong
5 Jun 2018

The Committee for Sydney has produced this blueprint for uniting Newcastle, the Central Coast, Sydney and Wollongong into an economic powerhouse of ten million people.

Briefing paper

15 May 2018

Inland Rail is the largest rail freight infrastructure project in Australia’s history. This briefing aims to provide information about opportunities for private sector participation in Inland Rail, current scheduling, an overview of the social performance requirements for businesses to work on Inland Rail.


10 May 2018

The Regional Rail Link (RRL) project was, at the time of its approval and delivery, one of the largest and most expensive rail projects ever built in Victoria, with an estimated final cost of $3.65 billion. This audit assessed whether the RRL project is realising...


14 Dec 2017

This report examines whether the level crossing removal project is cost-effective in terms of whether it has improved, or is expected to improve, the safety and efficiency of the state’s road and rail network.


28 Nov 2017

This report argues that Australia will have to develop its multi-modal transport solutions, with light and heavy rail as its spine, to provide the solutions that Australia needs in shaping our cities and our regions into the future.


22 Nov 2017

Provides an overview of freight, urban and non-urban passenger rail, including traffic levels, infrastructure and rolling stock, and railway performance.


18 Oct 2017

This report examines the state of Australia’s rail industry and how government procurement, including through the Australian Rail Track Corporation, and other policy levers can improve the value for money, competitiveness, stability of work and capability of the rail manufacturing industry.


11 Oct 2017

With population growth pressures adding to the challenge for Melbourne, how do we ensure we take the right road to the future for the world’s most liveable city?


27 Sep 2017

The objective of this audit was to examine whether value for money is being delivered by the Australian Rail Track Corporation’s (ARTC’s) management of the Inland Rail pre-construction program.

Other text

5 Sep 2017

The Australian Government is inviting proposals for faster rail links between cities and surrounding regional areas.


11 Aug 2017

This presentation outlines arguments for reinstating a Mildura passenger rail service.


27 Jul 2017

This evaluation considers the 2016 business case for Brisbane's Cross River Rail proposal. Infrastructure Australia would welcome the opportunity to consider a revised business case which addresses our concerns with benefit estimation, and clarifies the estimated timeframe for the emerging capacity problem.

Fact sheet

24 Jul 2017

Freight rates are a key factor influencing freight mode choice and the costs of freight-reliant business sectors, such as mining, construction, and the retail and wholesale trades. As such, they affect the profitability of Australian industry. This Information Sheet presents an estimate of interstate freight...


30 Jun 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has made clear his enthusiasm for an airport rail line, with or without state government support. Beyond airport access, this proposal highlights the potential for rail projects to shape Melbourne and feed an integrated public transport system that could serve its...


24 May 2017

This strategy document outlines a more integrated approach to managing South Australia's road and rail network and improving safety at railway crossings.

Audio interview

11 May 2017

Prime Ministers have long turned to a big vision when trying to shore up their stocks with voters or their own party. That usually means throwing their support behind big infrastructure projects, like fast trains or second airports.

$75 billion has been committed to...

Discussion paper

2 Mar 2017

Despite widespread coverage, little is known about the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) or the $1 billion NAIF loan proposal for Adani’s coal rail. Lacking robust governance policies, including some required by its legislation, and poorly resourced, NAIF should reject the immense political pressure to...

Journal article

1 Jan 2017

This paper discusses the significance of urban rail in sustainable development through a number of case studies.


6 Dec 2016

Improving transport connectivity, and finding innovative ways to pay for transport infrastructure, is essential to the future development of Australia’s cities and regions.

The issues of concern that lead to this inquiry were the imbalance of settlement and its consequences; the deficit of infrastructure...



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