7 May 2018

This presentation of evidence and insights regarding the impact of single-sex schooling on student achievement was presented at the Fearless Girls Strong Women conference, Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia Educators Conference 2018.


5 Dec 2017

This report analyses and interprets the Australian data collected as part of PIRLS 2016. Where appropriate, this report makes comparisons with the results of other countries and with the international average, to better understand Australian achievement in reading literacy and its context.


6 Jul 2017

In 2010, I was seconded from my classroom teaching position to work as a facilitator in the implementation of the newly-established National Standards. In this role, I ran in-depth Literacy and Assessment workshops in schools. I found that despite the national effort to close the...

Literature review

12 Apr 2017

Reading is a foundational, yet complex cognitive skill upon which other skills are built. Early success in reading is a powerful predictor of later achievement in a range of other academic areas. Individuals without literacy skills are at risk of being unable to participate in...

Journal article

3 Apr 2017

This paper studies emerging technologies for tracking reading behaviors ('reading analytics') and their implications for reader privacy.


15 Jun 2016

United We Read is an early intervention program in the disadvantaged suburbs of Elizabeth Park and Elizabeth Downs (Adelaide) that aims to build foundation literacy skills in children aged from birth to 5 years, run by United Way South Australia. The program involves a monthly...


9 Jun 2016

It is timely and relevant for policy-makers to explore the topic of promoting reading in the digital environment. A few of the most relevant policy developments and opportunities, at national, EU and global levels, are examined in this report.


7 Mar 2016


How children learn to read is one of the most studied aspects of education. There is a large and rigorous body of scientific evidence identifying the key elements of high quality reading instruction. The research literature also unequivocally shows that explicit instruction...



11 Feb 2016

An early intervention program targeted at children struggling to read may not be delivering the results its advocates promise. Reading Recovery has been around since the 1970s, but its effectiveness is increasingly being called into doubt.

If you have a child who develops reading...


25 Nov 2015

This evaluation examined the impact of Reading Recovery (RR) on students' outcomes in NSW government schools. The evaluation found some evidence that RR has a modest short-term effect on reading skills among the lowest performing students. However, RR does not appear to be an effective...

Conference paper

8 Jul 2015


Reading Recovery (RR) was developed by Marie Clay during the 1970s (Clay, 1979) while she was an academic staff member of the University of Auckland (one of New Zealand’s 8 public universities). The program was funded by the New Zealand Department of...


11 Jun 2015

This report presents the results of an assessment of reading, writing and mathematical literacy of Class 6 students in 13 provinces in Afghanistan in relation to the gender of students.


The purpose of the Monitoring Trends in Educational Growth of is...

Journal article

27 May 2014

This paper examines in detail a sequence of the production and reading of literacy assessment data in a small Catholic school.


In Australia, as in many western education systems over the last two decades, discourses of accountability and performativity have reshaped education...


26 Nov 2013

From online media portals to phone apps and twitter poetry, technology is transforming the written word. So how are creators and consumers navigating the digital frontiers and how will these changes affect the way we read and write into the next decade?



1 Jan 2013

This study focused on a group of 101 Tongan students within the middle and upper levels of primary schools in New Zealand. It examined the hypothesis that explicit vocabulary instruction, using an educational intervention, can positively impact on Tongan students’ reading comprehension and contribute to...


3 Dec 2012

PISA was administered for the fourth time in 2009. Since in each administration, one of reading, maths or science is chosen as the major domain, the 2009 survey marked the first time that a domain (in this case, reading) was revisited as the major focus...


2 Apr 2008

Bookish people may not be known for their social skills, but a crop of social-networking Web sites aimed at bibliophiles are allowing readers to connect with the page and with each other in a brand new "virtual" environment.

Book-centered sites like LibraryThing, Goodreads,...



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